Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Two of Pentacles

Two of Penacles

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You have an awful lot going on with your finances. The more you look at it with worry and trepidation, the more you’ll create lack instead of abundance. Time to put your thoughts behind your goals and let go of the fear. Abundance is here and you’re going to be better off than you thought. Stop worrying already!

Additional Insight:

All the work you have been doing isn’t keeping you stuck in the mud or spinning your wheels, struggling to survive. Though it may feel like it. There has been movement, small and large, though you may not have seen all the work going on behind the scenes.

You and your partner (personal or business), have been planting and nurturing your garden all year. Now you’re not only seeing the prosperity of your garden, but you should be feeling its abundant change as well. That is, if you can allow yourself to relax enough from the disabling fear and allow it to come forth.

As you fill up your fall baskets and get ready for winter, don’t look at this as a temporary thing. That’s still expressing an amount of worry and a perspective of lack. That’s only going to create a self fulfilling prophecy. Remember to imagine every thing that comes your way and adds to your winter stores as an abundant reward for your hard work. View it three times the size than it is and give it energy to grow three times larger when it comes back to you.

As you put the check in the bank. Put on an extra zero or two and imagine that $30 check is really $300 or better yet $3000. Don’t spend it like it is; but you can empower your abundance by surrounding it with energy and increasing it’s value. As that $30 works through the system, it will touch all aspects of your financial situation empowering more of the same as it gets back around to the one who sent it to you in the first place.

The increase may not come back from the same source. And that’s ok. You have greased the wheels in your favor and moved the magikal energy forward to bring more of the same. Remember what and how you think, works to create those things into reality. Make sure your manifested energy is creating what you want, not what you’re afraid of not having.

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