Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Three of Wands – Inverted

Three Of Wands - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

If you work together you can be the pillars holding everything up. Things may feel like they’re closing in on you, but you still have a few tricks up your sleeves. Study the information you have at your fingertips and you’ll discover solutions that allow you to game the system. Magik is rooted around you and helping you to hold things up long enough to implement your ideas. Nothing is caving in yet. Keep at it. Your fortitude will be rewarded!

Additional Insight:

You’ve been in this situation before and each time you’ve gotten through it. Why assume this time is going to be any different? Your fear will only create more fear and anxiety. Push those feelings aside and delve into the work! You’re going to have all weekend to work on resolving the latest battle.

Keep calm and focused. Study your instructions, fill out the papers and do the little things that keep you moving forward. Struggle is only overwhelming if you give in and allow it to paralyze your actions or reactions. But when you can keep calm with a positive perspective about the outcome, you push the pendulum in the direction you need and want it to go.

Fortitude is a little word with a lot standing behind it. By definition it means to have courage in the face of pain or adversity. It comes from Latin fortis ‘strong’. It means you have strength in endurance, having resilience and expressing the mettle to fight against adversity. You have already shown the strength of mind and character to face the physical challenges life has thrown at you. Along with the strong-mindedness and backbone to fight for what you deserve and desire. You’ve maintained your faith and hope with a strong spirit, true grit and steadfastness to learn from these lessons and put their teachings into action.

The Three of Wands may remind you of the great capacity to achieve balance through Mind/Body/Spirit connections to face and resolve any problem in your life.  Think about it for a moment and be mindful as you go through your day.

  • Mind:
    Your strength of mind & character to face the blocks before you, works the Mind to resolve your issues. You’re not running in fear, your facing it with courage.
  • Body:
    Your strong-mindedness and backbone to do what needs to be done, works the body to put things into action.
  • Spirit:
    Your spiritual strength to rise above and see these situations from a higher perspective, works the spirit to learn the lessons and overcome.

Through Mind/Body/Spirit you’re pushing through the struggles. Don’t let all this work be for-not.

Take time to meditate this weekend and care for yourself. Balance the weekend with downtime to re-energize your whole self and clear the cobwebs. Focusing too much on the issue clouds it in an overload of information, ideas and imagined problems to be solved. Take two or three hours each day to do nothing but sit, sleep, relax or divert your attention away from everything. Don’t overload your senses with a different form of distracting like that video game you like; or constant conversation with a friend.

You need time to get away. Unplug from the digital world and truly relax in quiet reflection. Rest, nap, meditate, even riding a bike, doing Yoga or taking a walk are all forms of moving meditation. Lay outside at the pool, lake, river or beach and watch the clouds float by. Have a pep talk with yourself, talk to your spirit guides or a friend/relative in spirit. Take time to hear the message from nature, from spirit and from your higher consciousness. Then get back to work and you’ll discover new inspirations that help you create solutions and resolutions to the struggle.

Don’t give in. Don’t give up. Work to balance your view and perspective. Allow the creative magik to complete it’s growth and lift the barriers so you don’t have to hold them up any longer. Work with your partner(s) to discover, imagine, adapt and overcome one problem at a time and you’ll win this on-going battle together. Get to it, and get it done!

Additional Reading:
Writing the insight for today’s card was hard for me this morning. I feel overwhelmed with “messages” to pack into the post. There’s a great flow of changing energy and how it changes depends on the choices we make through the weekend. If you give in; you’ll lose what you’ve been working for. If you continue to work hard, you have a big chance of finally overcoming your biggest struggles. There’s a lot movement in the energy of the cosmos going on today and through to Sunday; make good use of it.


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