Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Five of Swords – Inverted

5 of Swords - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Be careful of what connects you together isn’t becoming poisoned with stress and unfair accusations. The thorns you’re holding within your emotions are little frustrations that have no real bearing on what you’re going through. But you are allowing those little hurts, to fester and grow into something you cannot resolve and will bring things to an end. Anger and strife will not help you create a united front. But understanding and accountability will keep your line strong and you’ll succeed in holding off the incoming attacks from the battle field.

Additional Insight:

You must hold respect for those you’re working with. Be they family, friends or co-workers you can keep the peace and unity of your clan by appreciating each others efforts. Allow ideas and solutions to flow freely back and forth. It’s a day to show and receive respect with openness and even change of plans. If someone has a better idea, don’t be stubborn and ignore it because it doesn’t fit with your original schedule or priority list for the day.

You maybe stressed to the brim, but so are those you’re trying to work with. And while everything seems important and imperative; those things with immediate deadlines should be at the top of your list. Even if that means pushing back on another deadline that might be equally important, but in the long run could be too little too late.

It doesn’t help to work on getting the next check the day after the water has been shut off. Make the call and talk to those who govern the situation and explain your plan or idea. Ask if the date can be moved for a day or a week while you’re waiting for that check to come in that solves the issue. You just might be able to save the day, as well as, save the whole issue at the same time. Taking 10 minutes to an hour or 2 from working on the check; could save you a lot more time and stress tomorrow. Others are depending on you to do your part. They can’t do all the work for you, or make assumptions about the outcomes of your assigned tasks. Don’t leave them hanging!

You may have felt as though things have turned a corner this week, but you’re missing the physical manifestations that are confirming those feelings. Be patient and allow your partners to do their work on the common goal. Trust they can complete their part of the project on schedule and with plenty of time to work on the next step that brings everything together.

Don’t dwell on the negative side of “what happens if they don’t”. I’m sure there are endless scenarios for that outlook that may never happen. Focus on the “what happens when they do” and put that energy into what you’ve been assigned to accomplish today. Not only will you put out good energy to empower you goals, but you’ll also feel better and reduce the stress you hold within yourself. Anxiety that you might otherwise pass on to others who aren’t responsible for any of this.

Do what you need to do. Get your part of the plan and your efforts moving forward. Make your calls, send your letters, check off your steps and be at ease with what you accomplished. No thinking the worse, no thinking about what you’ll do if your partners fail you. Nose to the grind stone, blinders on, prioritize your list and get your tasks done. You’ll end the day feeling better and more relieved than you have felt in a long time.

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