Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Fool

The Fool

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You’re nobody’s fool! Keep walking your talk and your charm will bring the success you need. Keep focusing on the overall plan with a view from spirit that allows you to see all the options available. When you hit a hole in the road on the physical side, close your eyes, raise your view into spirit and you’ll be able to see the best direction to head around the minor block. It’s another day to focus on the balance between spiritual insight and physical implementation. Have Faith! You’ll heal and succeed at the same time.

Additional Insight:

Don’t focus on the opinions of others, simply be yourself. Your charm, kindness and acceptance of others will help you win friends today, no matter where you go. Even in a  dire hour of stress, anxiety and fear you have the ability to remain calm, smile and even give aid to someone else in need. Those fearful emotions may all be whirling around within you right now. But remember you are more than strong enough to handle it this time around.

Have faith that things are going to work out and you will achieve your goal. The bright yellow of success is all around you and helping you to stay afloat in both action and insight. So keep putting your thoughts into action and you’ll find the road that leads you to the next pillar in the gardens. You’re not the fool others may think you are. Your outlandish ideas may actually do the trick and bring into reality, the final piece of the puzzle.

Take time to align yourself with the Divine force in your life. Whether it has a name or not, a definition for what that space of divinity is or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s your connection to that divine ‘consciousness’, ‘force’, ‘energy’, ‘being’; you give it your own name and one that feels right to you. Then sit down and feel all the creative energy of that connection pouring into your heart and growing with every breath you take. That Divine Creative Energy will help you transition the dreams you’ve created in your head into physical manifestation. As long as you’re putting physical effort into making the dreams come true, doing your part to work with Divine energy; you’ll bring into balance those things you need most.

Remember that even on mainstream spiritual paths there exists the concept of working to create your own destiny. “God helps those, who help themselves”, so put action behind your words and dreams. They’re not going to happen on their own or by osmosis.

When they do arrive, they may not be exactly like you’ve imagined. But then again, they might be even better. You’ll never know if you don’t keep the energy of action moving forward. Stop assuming the worst. Stop dwelling on the potential failure. Keep your eyes forward, be open for the bigger and better outcome. Allow yourself to realize, to really know, that you have the will and unlimited creative energy within you and backing you up, to make this happen. And above all else, keep reminding yourself that you deserve this! You really worked hard, you’ve sacrificed a lot and you truly deserve the best outcome possible. Believe, work for it, and make it happen.

Additional Reading:

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