Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Six of Swords – Inverted


Six of Swords Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

What you’re facing today is tied to your past. But don’t react with the same inconsistent behavior you once had. You’re not the same person and you have learned a lot about yourself and who you are since that time. So make sure you’re looking at the issue with more enlightened vision and wisdom. You’re not going at this alone. So stop acting as if you are!

Additional Insight:

Stop expecting others to act and react the way they have in your past. Their not the same people and they have changed as much as you have. You’re expectations is not only doing them a disservice, it’s also causing you to replay events in your life that aren’t even present!

You’re acting as if everything is on your shoulders, because that’s the way it’s been before. But that’s not the case today and you know it. But by treating others as if they have no care, stress or anxiety over the events in the present time, you are forcing them through a doorway they wouldn’t normally go. You’re forcing them to react the way you expect them to, because you’re still playing the part of victim.

Be careful which doors you try to open and push others through. They may surprise you and slam those doors in your face and walk through the door of their own choosing that you never noticed. People try to stand by your side and support you, will only do so for as long as you allow them to. So if you keep shutting them out, eventually they’ll stop knocking to get back in.

It can be hard to break old patterns and let go of old hurts. There are a lot of thorns falling across the path, but you have the ability to walk over them and leave them in the past. You can forgive what has been and turn your attention to what is and can be. All you have to do, is unfreeze your heart and show compassion to yourself and those who are close to you. They’re really trying hard to be there and ride things through with you. Give them the love, kindness and respect they deserve. It will go a long way to helping everyone keep things together. .

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