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Happy Summer Celebrations

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Happy Solstice Celebrations

The Summer Solstice Beacons

Today is a day to take notice of Father Sun and honor his warmth and light as summer officially begins in the Northern Hemisphere. The Solstice is a time that many look forward to and it’s celebrated around the world both as a spiritual holiday and a scientific event. For Pagan’s it is a day to dance around the bonfires and celebrate the Mid-Summer Solstice Day.

Everyone here at Spring’s Haven and Springwolf Reflections would like to wish you all a wonderful, happy and safe Mid-Summer celebration!

In legend and lore the Solstice begins the great battle between the Oak King of Spring and Summer and the Holly King of Fall and Winter. In the Northern Hemisphere the battle favors the Oak King who fights to keep the Sun’s warmth upon the Earth over the next few months. In the Southern Hemisphere, the battle favors the Holly King who shades the Earth and brings on the cold of winter. Continue reading

High Holy Days: Southern Hemisphere

Howling Dingo

A subspecies of the wolf, our cousin the Dingo

The Pagan Sabbats In The Southern Hemisphere

The early pagans around the world were very balanced in the way they scheduled their lives. One of the places this is seen most clear are in the High Holy days.

Each festival celebration falls in between a solstice or equinox. But the holidays were also celebrations of the seasons and the change of energy throughout the year.

Additionally, Pagans are pretty big on using the right energy in concert with the right movement of time and space. In other words, we align our conscious thoughts and connections with the Divine in our lives based on the energy that surrounds us.

Simply put, how you relate to the world around you and how you feel connected to the “this or that” in your life, all depends on where you are and the beliefs you choose to follow. It doesn’t makes sense to align your energy with the warm summer sun when outside your window it’s snowing like a blizzard. Because of this, the Southern Hemisphere sees the holidays differently than we do here in the North. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Hermit – Inverted

The Hermit : Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Reach within and find your own light. Don’t try to be like someone else, it will only take you away from the path you’re meant to travel. You have your own light that’s meant to guide your way out of the darkness. Stop hiding it and pushing it down beneath the service. Reach within yourself and allow your light to shine with pride and glory.

Additional Insight:

It’s hard enough being yourself without trying to change everything on your plate to be like someone else’s table. They don’t have your past, both in this incarnation and the last…hundreds of lifetimes. They don’t carry your karmic rewards and they don’t hold your spiritual lessons.

Your table is equally as lovely. Even though it’s decorated with different items and flavors, it represents you and what you are drawn to. It’s not fake, or filled with show, because it has substance and meaning. Don’t discard it. You own it and it’s not on loan from someone else who can take it away from you on a whims notice.

You don’t always know what others have gone through to acquire their table settings. It may look great now, but the path to their party may be fraught with emotional scars and turmoil you never had to go through. Don’t aspire to be like someone else. You may regret what you asked for and the consequences of the trauma you might go through to get there. Continue reading