Happy Summer Celebrations

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Happy Solstice Celebrations

The Summer Solstice Beacons

Today is a day to take notice of Father Sun and honor his warmth and light as summer officially begins in the Northern Hemisphere. The Solstice is a time that many look forward to and it’s celebrated around the world both as a spiritual holiday and a scientific event. For Pagan’s it is a day to dance around the bonfires and celebrate the Mid-Summer Solstice Day.

Everyone here at Spring’s Haven and Springwolf Reflections would like to wish you all a wonderful, happy and safe Mid-Summer celebration!

In legend and lore the Solstice begins the great battle between the Oak King of Spring and Summer and the Holly King of Fall and Winter. In the Northern Hemisphere the battle favors the Oak King who fights to keep the Sun’s warmth upon the Earth over the next few months. In the Southern Hemisphere, the battle favors the Holly King who shades the Earth and brings on the cold of winter.

Their battles are seen in the thunderstorms. As their weapons collide they spark to create the lightning within the storm and the clash of shields creates the thunder that echos across the sky. Their battles last all through the season until August and the time of Lughnasadh when the Holly King wins the war to represent the waning of the celestial year.

In some ancient pagan traditions this is also the time to communicate with the Faery Folk. Customs suggests that on this night the nature fairies interact and mingle among humans. If you are kind to them, they may grant a wish or two if you ask. Of course you need to show a little appreciation in return by leaving a plate of food and drink for them in your garden. If you don’t have a garden, a flower box will do as well. But leave the plate out for them all night, as Faery folk often fly around and need to replenish their tummies to keep going.

Check out the Old Farmer’s Almanac for more information about the First Day of Summer 2013.

If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere today you begin your celebrations for the 12 Days of Yule. Merry Yuletide to you and yours and we hope you have a wonderful season of celebration, peace and joy.

© Springwolfs Hanko

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