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Belief vs Knowledge

Wise Old Wolf

The Wise Old Wolf

How Wisdom Is Created

Blind faith is something we teach against in most pagan circles. Simply because someone else said this is true, or that is fact doesn’t make it real or accurate. Simply because something comes from old knowledge or understandings doesn’t mean it’s valid today.

Think about what people were sure of 1,000 or 1,500 years ago. Everyone believed the Earth was flat and if you sailed to far, you’d fall off the world. Of course today we know how silly that is. Image 1,000 years from now and wonder what is it that we’re sure about today that will be completely invalid in the future.

Blind faith doesn’t teach, it doesn’t inspire, it doesn’t allow an individual to experience, expand or grow. We cannot limit our experience in life by what we believe we know to be true. We must put our beliefs to the test.

“The word ‘belief’ is a difficult thing for me. I don’t believe. I must have a reason for a certain hypothesis. Either I know a thing, and then I know it- I don’t need to believe it.” ~ Carl Jung

But you cannot prove blind faith or belief, nor claim it to be true or accurate. That’s the whole point of belief. You either believe it or you don’t. You can share the same concepts of belief with others. But every person may have tiny little differences in how they apply those beliefs to life and the situations around them. So they’re never exactly the same. But why? Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Ten of Swords – Inverted

10 of Swords - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Don’t let the little wounds overwhelm you today. You don’t have to be what others say you are. Be who you want to be and who you aspire to become. No one else has walked in your shoes or knows all the details about what you’ve been through, except you. So don’t let them define who you are today or in the future.  And don’t let their hurtful words get into your consciousness.

Additional Insight:

No one knows you like you do, so why are you allowing others to define who you are? The hurtful words are the reflections of how they see themselves. They are throwing them at you so they don’t have to face the facts about who they have become in their own lives.

Don’t carry their baggage for them. If you feel you must respond to their attempts to label you, simply say “I’m sorry you feel that way about yourself. But I’m not your mirror.” You need not say anything else. Your own words will get into their head.

Each time you replay the recording inside your consciousness recite that response and erase their words. Or you can create an affirmation that helps you reprogram the recording to what it truly should be for you.

Remember you are what you think you are. So don’t think the hateful words others shroud you in. You are a beautiful, intelligent, and capable person; both inside and out. Tell yourself that when you look in the mirror and you will be able to ignore all the negative outside forces that are trying to tell you different.

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