Soul Mates, Twin Souls & Karmic Relationships – Updated

Venus Love

Spiritual Relationships Revisited

On Monday night (May 14, 2012), Paul Cagle, Sushi and I sat at our round table for The Ænigma Project and held a discussion about Soul Mates. The next day I wrote a follow up article that covered the topics we discussed and the Pagan Metaphysical approach to what these relationships are and what they mean to us.

Some time between then and now, that article became corrupted on the server, with bits and pieces missing. I’m not sure when that occurred, but thankfully I had the original article on a back up where I could recover it. Thanks to my friend Myranda for bringing the corrupted issue to my attention!

The article has been recovered and posted, as well as tweaked with a few cosmetic updates -> Soul Mates, Twin Souls & Karmic Relationships – Updated.

If you missed the original airing of the show you can still listen to this episode on The Ænigma Project’s Blog. Or on the show’s broadcast Archives on Tenacity Radio – 2012-05-14- Soul-Mates

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