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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Two of Pentacles – Inverted

Two of Pentacles - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Abundance is hanging down from above, waiting to be picked. You know what needs to be done to attain it, so why aren’t you doing it? Things are not going to happen on their own. Everything worthwhile takes an effort. Stop dreaming about the things to be done, stop thinking about the things that need to be put in place. Simply start doing them, and stop putting them off!

Additional Insight:

Things are not going to happen on their own. Prayer alone won’t organize the steps needed to bring your dream into reality. At some point you’re going to actually have to do some real work to bring abundance into your life. Whither its writing a business plan, buying lumber or paint, applying to local businesses, or talking to that guy or girl you like; you must put action behind your thoughts.

Creative visualization and prayer add energy to the goals you set for yourself. But this isn’t the movies, there are no magik wands or faery wishes that will create what you want out of thin air. The magik you put behind the energy comes from physical action of putting yourself in the right place at the right time.

Believe in yourself. This message has been repeated a lot this year. Take the step and move the confidence out of your head and into hands where you can bring them into the physical world. Stop making excuses, stop putting it on the back burner, stop saying you don’t have time. Stop doing it for other people and start doing it for you! This is your time. You can do this. So get to it! Continue reading

Busy, Busy, Busy

The Wolf WithinNot Enough Time In The Day/Week/Month!

I’ve been working on other projects that are taking a lot of time away from my blog here. They’re fun and exciting projects and I’m enjoying them at least. Some of them are articles for other magazines. So stay tuned, I’ll be posting news about the release of those issues as they come. Some are for December so we have a little time to wait.

There are three reflection articles I have in the works for now:

  1. Confidence and Ego – When is it ok to judge.
    In our modern world, judging others has become a ‘bad’ thing. Maybe there are times when making judgements is necessary.
  2. Teaching Your Children – Sharing the path with your kids.
    Where to start and how to safely incorporate them into your practices.
  3. Dealing With Illness And Disease – When it exists in those you live or work with.
    Living with older relatives can be trying. How can you use your spiritual perspective to make things better.

It seems this time of the year things always get more jammed packed with things to do, leaving little time for the things you plan to do. I love the fall and winter seasons. The change of leaves and the excitement of seeing the snow fall on a cold winter day are both wonderfully fun for me. Now..if I could make a schedule and have it actually work out the way I plan, there will be time enough for everything!  ..yeah right.  😉

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