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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Nine of Swords

9 of Swords

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Just cause you’re feeling tied up today, doesn’t mean you can’t take a moment to enjoy the little beauties in life. One of them might be bringing you a long awaited gift. Don’t ignore everything for the sake of the all mighty dollar; it really isn’t worth it. You’ll miss out on those special moments and eventually you’ll realize they’re gone forever. It’s true what they say; you never realize what you have, until it’s gone.

Additional Insight:

Don’t strangle your thoughts and tighten your focus on the work that’s before you. The relationships in your life also require effort, attention and work on your part. Make room for those who are important to you too.

Whither it’s taking a moment to look your child in the eyes and hear a story they have to share. Or giving a hug to that special someone to let them know you love them and care about them. It doesn’t take that much time to do, nor does it take that much effort.

It can also benefit the work you’re trying to get done. Those little moments of distraction help you clear your mind, and release the stress that builds up during the day. When you come back to the work; you can see it with fresh eyes and see the mistakes, or find the solutions to the problems that have plagued you all day.

Not to mention, it may keep those who care about you from feeling neglected, ignored and not worthy of your time or attention. You maybe working hard to keep those loved ones fed, clothed and warm. But material things aren’t the only items they need. They need you too.


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