Soul Talk & Soul Permission

Spiritual Communication
Soul ConnectionsSpiritual communication comes in many forms and for many different reasons. Most people think about spiritual communication as something between themselves and whatever their Divine force is in their life. Others see that and the ability to communicate between themselves and spiritual beings, such as spirit guides, teachers, angels and a like. Still others attach to all that the ability to speak with past loved ones and other spirits who travel the heavens sharing knowledge and spiritual understanding fiT the concept.

Not many will add to all these types of spiritual communication the connection between incarnated beings, from you to me or vice versa, on a spiritual level. Many of us on a spiritual path believe we are all connected through spiritual energy and interconnected through the Divine consciousness. But for some reason, we forget that means we’re connected to each other through spiritual energy. And just like we can connect through that energy to those souls on the spiritual ethereal plane, we can also connect to those who are here with us on this physical plane.

Some call this soul connection, soul communication, or something catchy like Soul Talk. In Reiki, we call this the Sei hei ki spiritual communication connection, where its used as a link for healing. And just as there are many reasons to connect to spirits on the ethereal, there can be many reasons and intentions for connecting to another soul here on the physical plane as well.

Expressing Your Intentions
Every religion has a form of magik expression. Be it through prayer, spiritual healing, lighting a candle, or casting a spell. We want to help others in need or who are sick through our expressions of compassion. We may want to heal ourselves through forgiving another and letting go of an issue that caused us harm. There’s a wide range of good intentions that can have negative effects from a soul perspective.

How? Keep in mind what your intentions are and how they are expressed may influence the life and soul of another. Without their permission to do so, you could be altering the course of their spiritual blueprint and what they came into this lifetime to experience. Do you know they want the healing? Did you ask if they wanted help facing their adversity?

On the other side of the fence there are those who may use those same avenues of expression through prayer or spells, to cause harm and primarily for selfish reasons. But there maybe occasions when this type of negative manipulation can be beneficial for a greater good. But as they say, it’s all in how it’s done.

Whither we have good intentions, or not there’s a difference in the way we express those intentions that everyone should be aware of. How you ask for healing can be equally as important as the way you ask for help bringing a rapist to justice.

Many say that prayer is different from a spell or spiritual healing, because in prayer you’re using your energy to petition the Divine in your life for help. Where as in a spell or healing, you are specifically expressing an intended use of your energy to create what you desire.

In some ways this is true, a petition is asking the Divine to decide if and how that request will be fulfilled. But in reality, it all depends on how you state your prayer. If you ask that Divine to look down upon Gladys and give her the strength to handle the adversity she faces in the best way possible for her soul and spirit, you’ll probably be ok. But if you state how Gladys should use the energy from the Divine to face the adversity, then you’re using your own perspectives of the issue to manipulate what she should do. And that’s not ok.

What Is Manipulation
Simply put Manipulation is an attempt to influence through the control of the will or the actions of another. We don’t typically think of manipulation as a result of good intentions. But when we say a prayer or attempt a healing without the knowledge of the one we’re intending to help, we could be doing exactly that.

Let’s say Aunt Edna is in the hospital again after two years of battling cancer. We love Edna and really want her to get better. So off to Church to light a candle and pray for healing. Good intentions to keep Edna around so we can enjoy her company. ..Really? Did you stop to ask Edna what she wanted? Or are you thinking of yourself and the hardships everyone will face through the grief of losing Edna? Your prayer could unintentionally be asking for Edna to endure additional months of pain and suffering at the hands of her disease. While your intentions were good ones, they can have very negative consequences for Edna.

Let’s take another and opposite example. Let’s say our friend Paul really likes Amanda, but she doesn’t seem interested in him. Paul goes to his home made altar and lights a candle, sits down to meditate and direct his energy to Amanda so she’ll notice him and fall in love with him. He didn’t ask her if this was ok, he simply decided this was the path for him to get the girl he wants. He is using his energy to manipulate the will of another in order to control her actions for his benefit. Now we can clearly see that this is a bad thing. But think about it, how is this love spell really any different from our attempt to keep Edna alive?

Sometimes asking permission or asking someone else what they want is the best approach. It might be hard in some cases. Amanda may not like you asking her if you can cast a love spell on her, but at least you’ll have permission. 😉 Or maybe a better opening line the next time you see a girl you like.

Knowing The Souls Will
Good, bad or indifferent the missing piece to the puzzle is that we don’t really know the will of another’s soul. What their mission is, what their lessons are, what karma they have come to redeem or repay. We may think we know best for others, but in reality, we don’t have the crystal ball into their spirit. Anything we do that attempts to influence their physical world, will also influence their spiritual world. That type of manipulation is considered by some to be the biggest “sin” there can be. In Pagan Metaphysics is likened to spiritual rape. Even if your intentions are good you could be forcing someone else to do something they would not normally do, or would rather not do.

We can’t know how someone is working through their own karmic debt or even their own chosen lessons. Aunt Edna may have chosen this method of death in order to experience the myriad of circumstances and relationships that she would go through in the process of fighting her cancer. Even by focusing healing energy onto her for recovery without her permission, could make enough of a difference to cause one of those relationship encounters not to happen. Now we’ve not only altered Aunt Edna’s spiritual path, but we’ve affected someone else’s in the process because they will never have that experience with Edna. And what might that encounter have been? She may have given hope and a will to fight to another cancer patient. She may have said a simple thing to a technician that suddenly gets a great idea for improving cancer detection. She may have shared an old wives tale with a nurse who passed it onto a colleague who’s researching new medications to cure her type of cancer. Suddenly that one missed encounter could have a profound affect on a multitude of people.

You Can’t Always Ask Permission
There maybe a wide range of reasons you can’t ask someone for permission to send them energy. Ant Edna maybe in a coma, Paul maybe so shy it’s painful to talk to Amanda, a rape victim who can’t ask her rapist to turn himself in, or perhaps you want to forgive someone for an action that hurt you deeply.

Say for a moment that your friend Karen was raped and her attacker is unknown or has gotten away with this before. Sitting down to pray that he turns himself in really isn’t likely. For a pagan practitioner of magik, a spell designed to harm the rapist isn’t good for your karma either, so what can you do? You could cast a spell over the evidence so that it shines brightly like a beacon and becomes noticeable by the detectives in the case. In some pagan circles, using an intent to manipulate the rapist into making a mistake so that detectives can catch him before he harms another woman is also considered ok, even though it does come with consequences in karma. Some view this type of manipulation as justified and therefore ok.

What if you had a past relationship that ended so badly it’s still affecting your life today? Perhaps you have reached a point in your life where you’re ready to heal those scars and forgive the other person as well as offer your own apology for your part in the break up mess. Perhaps there’s no way to contact that person, or even if you could, you wouldn’t want to. But connecting with them some how is important to your process of healing, to forgive and let go.

Perhaps you’re carrying a measure of guilt for something you did or didn’t do, said or didn’t say to someone you’ve lost in your life. How can you apologize and overcome that guilt now that they’re gone? Maybe there’s something you wanted to say that has nothing to do with guilt, but is still needed to bring about healing and to overcome your grief of their passing.

In all of these cases, you can’t ask for permission to pray for a recovery, or light a candle for forgiveness or cast a spell for justice. All of which maybe needed for your own sense of inner peace, recovery and healing. Letting go and moving on sometimes requires an interaction that is no longer possible. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck and tied with your hands behind your back either. You can still get permission or make a connection with just a little effort.

Soul Communication
If you’re a practitioner of any spiritual path, then you probably hold some type of belief that we are all connected in spirit. In metaphysical circles all souls are connected through energy to each other and through the Divine Consciousness. This connection allows us to communicate with each other in person, as well as, on a spiritual level that we may not be cognoscente of.

In the healing art of Reiki, practitioners make a soul connection for long distance healings through the use of invoking the Sei He Ki symbol. This symbol initializes the connection between practitioner and client the form of: My mind to your mind, my spirit to your spirit, my subconscious to your subconscious.

So this idea of connecting to the soul of another is not unique or out of the ordinary, nor is it a new thing. Connecting your spiritual consciousness to that of another, allows you to overcome the physical limitations of distance, just as it can the physical blocks such as being in a coma or not being able to connect through some other physical means of communication. But it also allows you as a physically incarnated being, to connect with those who are already in spirit. The trick isn’t making the connection to another’s soul, it’s in listening for and to the return communication.

Through varying levels of meditation you can connect your spiritual consciousness to that of another and share communication. From this connected energy you can acquire Soul Permission to conduct a healing, or hold an exchange of energy for whatever reason you choose. It takes a little practice, and it takes a lot of faith and trust in your own instincts to ‘hear’ the communication coming back at you. But anyone can do it with a little effort.

As odd as it may seem the easiest connections between soul minds is from us here on the physical plane those we’ve lost who are on the ethereal plane. Energy is much more open and clear to our spiritual family than it is to us. We have our think brains to get in the way. But if you want to communicate with a relative or close friend that has passed, your connection to them is generally easy to establish.

The next level that’s not too difficult to make is between yourself and any living relative. Whither in a coma or not, you share a pattern of energy that connects your spirits and makes this type of communication a bit easier than if you were to attempt to connect with someone you’ve never met.

And that’s the next level of communication. If you’re a healer who offers long distance healing, this is something you may do quite a bit. Often the only thing a practitioner needs to know is your name, town and country and they can connect their energy to yours. But it does take concentration and focus. It takes practice and effort. But it is something that many do every day and all over the world.

The hardest communication of this type is from you to an adversary of some type. This could be an old school mate that you battled with, or a former love relationship that broke up badly. It can even be a family member whom you’ve had a falling out with and haven’t spoken to in years. It can be a perpetrator that committed a crime against a friend, or even against you and you don’t know who they are. These negative emotions that surround your encounter with this other person automatically set up energy blocks between you and them. Some of those blocks are yours that you can work at tearing down. But some of those blocks are also created by your adversary and you may find it hard getting through those.

Think of it as approaching a castle and you have to get through the guards at the gate, before you can communicate with the foe inside. You just need to remember that those guards are sending messages back inside and letting your adversary know you’re at the gate. Their soul mind will be aware of your attempt at communication and it’s up to them to decide whither or not to let you in. But because you can deliver your message to the guards, your purpose can still be complicated. It’s kind of a silly example, but it really does work that way, so don’t get discouraged before you even get started.

Soul Talk
There are many methods beyond that of Reiki that define specific steps to making soul communications happen. There’s no way to define them all here. But the idea is generally the same.

Where ever you choose to make your connection, there’s only a few things to consider. Now by this I mean, if you go to church to light a candle, if you sit in a hospital room, or at your own spiritual altar at home, or where ever you happen to be in the world, you should consider a few things to help you make your connection, have your conversation and if your intent is to ask permission, be able to ask and ‘hear’ the answer.

  • You should be in a place where you will not be interrupted for at least 15min. More, if you’re new to this and need to practice. 
  • You need to be in a place where you’re physically comfortable. You don’t want to be thinking about how much back hurts sitting like this while you’re trying to connect your energy to someone else.
  • You should have some experience with meditating. You don’t have to be an expert, but don’t make this your first time at meditation either. If you don’t know how to meditate, try my students Guide To Meditation.
  • You should be open to what you see and hear during your meditative encounter.
  • If you don’t know how to clear, cleanse and set shields for energy protection, you’re going to want to do that first.

With that in mind, here’s a simple process to making a connection.

  • Begin by sitting comfortably in an upright position.
  • Close your eyes and take in 3 deep breaths through your nose, but exhale through your mouth.Return to normal breathing and focus on your third eye (the mid-point between your eyes, just over your brow); this will take a lot of practice to maintain. Don’t worry if you can’t do it for a long period of time, you’ll get better with practice.
    • The key here is to fill your lungs to their fullest capacity. And then to exhale to your fullest ability as well.
    • If you want to add a simple visualization,
      • Imagine the White light of pure positive energy entering your body as you breath in through your nose. Imagine this energy empowering you to handle anything.
      • As you exhale, imagine the stress, anxiety and negative energy leaving your body like a gray smoke through your mouth. See this smoke rising out into space where it will dissipate and no longer cause harm to anyone.
  • Imagine a staircase appearing before you and see your soul rising from your physical body and walking to it.
  • See your self from the perspective of your soul body and imagine yourself climbing up the staircase.
  • Halfway up you see a bright white light shining at the top. See yourself climbing the rest of the way and walking into the illumination of this light. (Some images may form around you in this space, but try to keep your focus on your intent).
  • Imagine your soul body calling out to the person you are here to connect with. See yourself close your eyes and shout out their name.
  • Give yourself a moment to hear them return the call. When you sense they are there, imagine yourself opening your eyes (still in your soul body not your physical body).
  • If you have made a good connection, you’ll see them standing before you. Some people say the entire area around them changes, and they’re in a room with chairs of varying shapes, colors and decor. What ever appears before you, go with it. As long as it’s pleasing to you, it’s all good.With your connection made, ask or state what you came to say. Trust your instincts and believe in what you hear or sense is being said back to you.
    • If it’s not pleasing, and if you become frightened imagine the hand of the Divine coming down to sweep away the negative images and return you to the top of the staircase back in the white illumination. Feel yourself at peace and in safety. If you want to try again, clear the negative energies and set stronger shields of protection.
  • When you’re ready, take in one deep cleansing breath, say good-bye and see yourself turning and walking back down the staircase. See your physical body sitting comfortably and safely where you left it. Imagine your soul body sitting back down and merging with your physical body.
  • Take in a deep breath, become aware of your surroundings and open your eyes.

It can take practice to accomplish, but anyone who takes the time to learn how to clear energy, set shields and meditate can do this. It’s not special, it’s not unique. It simply takes effort, focus and practice; and a lot of trust in your self to listen.

© 2012 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Spring’s Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

2 thoughts on “Soul Talk & Soul Permission

  1. I recently have become interested in spiritual healing. I’ve had several people ask me to send healing to them for an operation, or some kind of medical treatment. I never thought of doing that before, or even thought it could be done. Your article has helped me so much in understanding how we are all interconnected. And more importantly how we can connect on a spiritual level for something like providing energy for healing. Thank you so much!

  2. Great insight on this topic. As a reiki channel I have been reluctant to provide long distance healings. Now that I have a better understanding of hei se ki I think I can do this.

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