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Sunday Homily: Remember Your Pride

Spread A Smile

Smile When You Don’t Feel Like It

Carry Your Happiness With You

I meet people all the time in person, through email or messages, and they share their personal stories of struggle and challenge with me. They talk about feeling lost, feeling as though they’ve hit rock bottom, constantly sad and filled with anger. Not knowing where to turn or go to in order to find help or answers.

I’m blessed with seeing many, if not most of these people go through their “ah-ha” moments as they work forward through issues they never thought they could overcome. They start reading and learning. They begin turning their lives around and making significant changes not only up front in the beginning, but over the long haul with time and effort as well.

I shared something this morning with someone and a little voice said, there are others who need to hear this today. So if you’re one of those people who has had an “ah-ha” moment or you still face challenges and feel that you’re struggling with turning things around in your life, this is for you. Continue reading

A Homily: Observing The Holiday

TinyHouseLightsPagans Living Amongst The Christians

“I’m not Christian, I don’t celebrate Christmas”, “I’m pagan, why should I be forced to celebrate Christmas”, “It’s too hard to tell your extended family that you do not observe their bastardized holiday.”

I received several messages like these over the past few days. For those of us who do not celebrate the Christian Holiday, no matter what time of the year it is, there’s another way to look at spending time with your family members who do.

You go to parties that are given for your relatives and their birthdays. Moments to mark another year older, or an event for celebrating a milestone in their life, such as a graduation, a new job, retirement and so on. Why do you observe those days? It’s not your birthday or your achievement. So why do you participate in those events? Isn’t so you can share in the celebration of what’s important to those you care about? So you can be with your family and friends to create happy memories while they are here with you? Continue reading

Sunday Homily: Mindfulness

mindfulbellBeing Aware

Mindfulness, which, among other things, is an attentive awareness of the reality of things (especially of the present moment). Living in the now and being cognizant of the events you are engaged in at this moment in time.

It’s important to take a moment throughout the day to be Mindful of what you’re thing, how you’re allowing those thoughts to impact what you’re doing and how it resonates with your soul, spiritual mission and mental outlook. Both for a state of being and for a sense of living your beliefs and putting them into practice.

The thoughts you wake up with in the morning create your day. How you think through out the day, create your week. The patterns you develop throughout the month, create your year.

How you think, creates your reality, your health and your life.
Springwolf 🐾 © 2012

It is a state of being where balance and peace within the moment, within the self and being are the center of all things. It’s not just looking at your thoughts, but your present state of attitude and how that translates into the manifestation of actions and reactions.

If you are stressed, anxious or angry, those emotions will translate through you and into your actions. If you’re at peace and mindful of your thoughts, then the energy you create and express will be calm and enlightened. Do you want to yell at the person driving next to you on the highway? Or at the store clerk who’s taking to long to ring up your items? Or is there a way you can translate your spiritual awareness into calm peace and discover why you’re being held up in the first place? Continue reading

Sunday Homily: Look In A Mirror

Self Reflection

What you don’t like about someone else,
Look In A Mirror.

What Encounters Teach Us

Everyone one of us has had moments during a week, or in a single day when we feel like we’re wearing a sign around our neck that says “Piss me off”. Comments from complete strangers that push a button and cause us to feel hurt, attacked or self-conscious about something. And it could be about anything, even things that don’t even make sense later on.

Sometimes we say wave a hand and tell ourselves we’re being overly sensitive. Sometimes we actually let the comments get under our skin and truly get angry. Other times we pretend we didn’t hear the comment, ignore it, but play it over and over in our head.

As one of my very wise Shamanistic teachers once told me “It’s not all about you. You’re learning to be a Shaman, stop crying about your little hurt feelings and use your head and your heart to help those who are coming to you and screaming for compassion”. Yeah I didn’t like that comment much when he said it to me, but I’ve come to understand what he meant.

I’ve also learned that this perspective isn’t only for the “ministers” in the world. It’s for everyone walking a spiritual path. And maybe even those who aren’t. Continue reading

Happy Summer Celebrations

Spread A Smile

Happy Solstice Celebrations

The Summer Solstice Beacons

Today is a day to take notice of Father Sun and honor his warmth and light as summer officially begins in the Northern Hemisphere. The Solstice is a time that many look forward to and it’s celebrated around the world both as a spiritual holiday and a scientific event. For Pagan’s it is a day to dance around the bonfires and celebrate the Mid-Summer Solstice Day.

Everyone here at Spring’s Haven and Springwolf Reflections would like to wish you all a wonderful, happy and safe Mid-Summer celebration!

In legend and lore the Solstice begins the great battle between the Oak King of Spring and Summer and the Holly King of Fall and Winter. In the Northern Hemisphere the battle favors the Oak King who fights to keep the Sun’s warmth upon the Earth over the next few months. In the Southern Hemisphere, the battle favors the Holly King who shades the Earth and brings on the cold of winter. Continue reading

The Challenges We Face In Life


Facing Challenges
Photo by Anne Marie Kalus

Why Does “God” Test Us?

Recently in a forum of Metaphysical Ministers this question was posted.

Does anyone in our group believe that God tests us, or tests the strength of our faith?

The question isn’t an uncommon one. Nor is it one that is accepted on blind faith by Ministers. There are many answers and perspectives of course, because we all have a different way of looking at spiritual belief and practice. A Christian may say “Yes, God may test your faith and devotion of service to his teachings by placing challenges upon your path”. Unitarians might say “No, God doesn’t set up challenges to test our faith. But we set up problems in our lives to learn lessons”.

The wonderful Metaphysical Ministers within this group have similar perspectives to my first response. But when asked this question I have two perspectives to reply to this. Continue reading

The Cycle of Life And Death

© 2012 Springwolf Wolf Ghost

From Spirit to Incarnation

Preordained vs Free Will and Choice

Today I read a lovely article by a colleague which talks about life and death and the importance of living life.

“Responsive Reading – Living and Dying:
Every person has an appointed time to live and a time to die. Our time upon the earth is but a moment in the span of eternity. Death is not to be regarded with fear but as something good when it comes in due season.”
by Robert Dorris President/Minister at Unitarian Community, Inc.

I like this perspective. And while I agree that everything happens in it’s time and space, I’ve always had a hard time with the “preordained” concept. And it can be hard to reconcile those two ideas. I believe in reincarnation. And that concept doesn’t fit with the preordained perspective. But I also believe everything in it’s right time and space. So how do you fit those two things together? Continue reading

Why Pagan’s Don’t Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day

Tribal Wolf

The Tribal Wolf

The Genocide of St. Patrick

To begin this story let me start with a little Public Service Announcement (PSA). This year, 2014, I learned that the Irish do not care much for we Americans and Canadians calling their national holiday St. Patty’s Day. But probably isn’t what you think. Which is what I thought; it’s Patrick, not Patty. Nope that’s not it. Well not entirely.

I discovered a PSA had been posted in the Dublin Airport correcting a misconception for those of us in the Americas. It’s not Patty, it’s Paddy. Seems Patty is short for Patricia and of course, Patrick was a male priest. The proper shortening of the male variation is Paddy. And St. Paddy’s Day is perfectly acceptable. So now we know.

Now on to our tale of Pagans and Paddy. First,  we must start with some of the early inhabitants of Ireland. What little is known of these people come from Irish songs and poetry, oral legends and Roman writings. The Celtic lands of Ireland, Scotland and Wales were populated primarily by individual or regional Clans. Small communities that were close knit and survived on nature through farming and hunting. Continue reading

The Blue Bottle Trees

bluebottletree2Warding Off Evil Spirits

Oral traditions are very important, especially in society today. We are over run and inundated with TV, computers, smart phones and tablets that provide us with an inconceivable number of videos, movies and other types of entertainment. Because of this modern technology, our old stories are being lost and forgotten.

Author/Storyteller Kathryn Tucker Windham and storytellers like her, have became concerned over the loss of our old stories. Thankfully they are setting these stories down on paper in a series of books that are worth reading. (You can find the Jeffery series by Kathryn Tucker Windham on Amazon).

One of my favorite stories comes from old Appalachian folklore tale called, The Blue Bottle Tree and The Witch’s Heart.

The legend goes like this:
If you place blue bottles in a crape myrtle tree they will help you ward off evil. Evil spirits are very curious. The blue bottles are so attractive that the evil spirits are drawn into them. Once inside they become confused and get trapped. Some variations of this wives tale, continue by adding the destruction of the evil within the bottle. Much like a Native American dream catcher; when the sun rises in the morning it’s warmth and bright light destroys the evil that was trapped inside (or within the web of the catcher) so that it can never do harm to anyone again. Continue reading

The Story Of The Blue Bottle Tree & The Witch’s Heart

Blue Bottle Tree

Blue Bottles In A
Crape Myrtle Tree

An Oral Tradition From The South

Here in the southern United States, we have a great many stories and legends relating to ghosts and spirits. I’ve read many account from story tellers suggesting the south has more ghost stories than any other place in the U.S. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it certainly makes one take a second thought about the claim. After all, some of the first big conflicts in this country began in the south. From the invasion of the first white Europeans with Native Americans, to the Civil War and on into modern times with the fight for Civil Rights.

Southern Appalachia is widely known for its oral traditions and story telling. In fact the International Storytelling Center is located in the small historical town of Jonesborough Tennessee (my home town). If you have an opportunity for a visit to the oldest town in Tennessee, I suggest going during the first full weekend in October when the Center holds the National Storytelling Festival. It’s a big and wonderful event that draws storytellers and people from around the globe.  One of my favorite stories comes from this festival. The Blue Bottle Tree.

There are many stories about blue bottle trees. Perhaps because this is the first one I ever heard makes this one my favorite. Or possibly because the main character in the story share’s my last name. This isn’t an exact version of the story I heard. But it’s the one I tell today. I hope you like it. Continue reading