The Cycle of Life And Death

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From Spirit to Incarnation

Preordained vs Free Will and Choice

Today I read a lovely article by a colleague which talks about life and death and the importance of living life.

“Responsive Reading – Living and Dying:
Every person has an appointed time to live and a time to die. Our time upon the earth is but a moment in the span of eternity. Death is not to be regarded with fear but as something good when it comes in due season.”
by Robert Dorris President/Minister at Unitarian Community, Inc.

I like this perspective. And while I agree that everything happens in it’s time and space, I’ve always had a hard time with the “preordained” concept. And it can be hard to reconcile those two ideas. I believe in reincarnation. And that concept doesn’t fit with the preordained perspective. But I also believe everything in it’s right time and space. So how do you fit those two things together?

Our spirit chooses it’s time to live, and by that choice we do select our assigned time of physical existence. But that time is still based on an initial choice. I believe this is how we live our lives too. Let me explain some foundation information for my position first. Through my research and experiences I’ve come to see the process of life and death like this:

In spirit we are the sum of our existence and connected to the greater knowledge of the Divine Consciousness. When our spirit decides it’s time to incarnate, we first make a choice of where (I don’t believe Earth is the only place we’ll find life in the Universe). Next I believe we choose the lessons we want/need to work on in the coming incarnation. We make agreements with other spirits/souls to work out karma and assist each other with opportunities for learning, moving closer toward enlightenment.

Next we choose the lifetimes we’ve had that will aid us in the mission we’ve defined for the incarnation. We have 1000s of lifetimes to choose from, and it would be overwhelming and confusing for us to incarnate with all those life memories and karmic situations into one embodiment. Since the Universe is about balance, we choose 21 lifetimes (plus the incoming life) to create our Spiritual DNA structure. These 22 lifetimes match both of the 22 DNA structures we get from our Mom and Dad to make up who we are. (..human cells contain 46 chromosomes (22 each from mother and father..) – read more @‎).

It’s these 22 lifetimes that make up what we know as our “soul” and that energy is attached to our greater spirit through the silver cord you hear people talk about. When you say you’re raising your vibration to see from the place of higher consciousness, how does that actually work? Is that consciousness in your brain? Or is it on the ethereal plane connected to Divine energy? I believe it’s the latter. Our spiritual consciousness is sum of our spirit that our soul is connected to.

The memories, talents and abilities, along with our lessons and mission for this incoming lifetime is stored in our main chakra centers. The chakras are therefore the manifestation of the Soul within the physical body.

Ok enough of the for my position in this debate:
If any part of our lives is preordained then we take away our free will and choice to learn lessons, pay/redeem karma, expand our awareness and provide the opportunity to advance our spirit/soul toward enlightenment. We can also affect the ability of others to do the same if we made a spiritual agreement to work through those lessons together.

I believe this is the main purpose behind our cycle of incarnation/spirit existence. Even in spirit we’re making choices that affect our advancement. But that’s a different topic. In the end, our physical existence has been set upon a blue print to guide us through building a better spiritual existence. But as with any blue print, when the physical construction takes place, choices are made and tweaks are drawn to accommodate the situation or circumstance.

It is our ability to freely make choices for which path to choose when situations arise that give us the opportunity to learn. Do we make the same mistakes we made last time (be it earlier in this life, or in a previous life)? Or do we learn the lesson and make a different choice that helps us move forward in spiritual awareness?

The tiniest of choices can set up a huge array of implications both immediately and long term. Some will create additional choices that are vastly different than the choices on the opposite path, had we taken that road.

A young woman who decides to take a short cut walking home is making a choice that she knows may not be wise. She stands at the street corner in the rain and contemplates taking the shortcut to the right through the alley that she’s walked many times in the day light. Or does she choose going straight, walking around the block in the light of the street lamps and in the rain. This cross-road of choice has a huge implication to her existence. It’s not a preordained choice. She must make the decision at this given moment. What does she do?

Let’s say she makes the choice to turn right and walks down the alley. Doing so puts her face to face with an attacker. He himself has a choice to make. Does he walk on by and do nothing for whatever reason? Or does he carry out his plan and take the sad opportunity to attack and kill her? His choice isn’t preordained either. If he kills her, it wasn’t necessarily because she chose to die this way in this life (though I think that’s possible). In this scenario let’s say that her spirit didn’t make that choice to pay/redeem karma of some kind.

She made the choice to take the short-cut which put her in danger. The attacker made the choice to carry out his plan to assault and kill her. Not all of us will face these kinds of dramatic choices. Some of us may have made subtle choices that took us into that alley and we some how managed to overcome and escape. I know I can speak personally about the effects of that kind of choice.

Whether we make subtle choices or dramatic ones, it’s these types of choices we make each and every day that define the flow in our lives. Who we meet, who we interact with, who we share meaningful time with, even who we love and ultimately what we learn. Everything we do is based on our free will and choice.

We don’t need to agonize over each choice that presents itself through out the day. We simply need to walk through the day with a connection to our higher spiritual consciousness, listening to our inner voice that tries to guide our path and help direct us toward the goal of our spiritual mission.

When we walk in balance between spirit/physical life those choices are easier to see, because we see them from a higher (spiritual) perspective. We give our conscious mind the opportunity to understand and predict the outcome for each choice we are presented with and which road we want to take. Not doing so, can take us down the alley where we’re at the mercy of someone else’s choice.

Bottom line, I don’t believe we have an assigned time to live or die. We have choices that have consequences. Good, bad or indifferent, our free will and choice govern our cycle of life and spirit.

That’s my perspective. What’s yours? How you see this process can be an important one that affects how you live your life. You should think about things like this. If for no other reason’ve not thought about it in detail before.

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One thought on “The Cycle of Life And Death

  1. So interesting that I’ve run into this site and this information considering my husband and I were having this very discussion just 2 weeks ago, he’s inclined to believe that the spirit chooses when to die. I don’t agree with him that the soul gets to ‘choose’ but rather that once our journey/lesson/purpose is learned/experienced/fulfilled our time ends, there’s no assigned time to it, could be as short as birth or conception that ends in miscarriage.

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