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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Queen of Cups – Inverted

Queen of Cups - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Even through worry and stress there are things to bring you joy. If you allow the anxiety and emotions of others to rule over your day, you lose the abundance of spirit you’ve managed to keep alive within you. The material things will not bring you happiness. But the connection of friendship and compassion will carry you through the day and weekend.

Additional Insight:

Perhaps you are struggling financially, or perhaps your best friend is in that position. Perhaps you are facing other challenges that turned your world upside down and the stress and anxiety is constantly overwhelming. Whither it was the loss of a paycheck, a natural disaster, the loss of a family member or even the simple changes in life like a separation or divorce, we all face challenges big and small throughout our lives. And no one person will face it the same way as the person standing next to them.

It’s not the “things” that bring joy to your day, the materialistic objects that have no feeling or emotion for us. It’s the connections we have to family and friends that carry us through hardships. Having someone to lean on, not for money; but for emotional support. Someone we can talk to and forget about our troubles. To put them aside for a while and find something to laugh at or smile about.

If you know someone who is struggling, don’t look at them with pity. They don’t need you looking down on them. They need someone to smile when they enter a room. They need to know they still have value and that someone is glad to see them when they’re around. There by the grace of the Divine go you.

Don’t let your narrow view of the lines in their face create the first reaction of conversation and ask them if anything has changed. Or put them on the spot to say “How are you” when you know they’re probably walking in despair waiting for the next shoe to drop. What do you expect them to say?

While you might want to share your fortunes with a friend, don’t brag about your trip to the amusement park. Don’t go on and on about the great dinner you had last night at the new restaurant in town. It maybe all they can do to walk to the local store because they don’t have money for gas and only have enough for a gallon of milk.

If you’re the one struggling, remember all things change. We may have to climb out of the potholes that form in our way, even when they’re no fault of our own. But when we remember that there is always someone in this world, who has it worse than we do, we can find the strength to go on. Let others look into your eyes and find the survivor.

People are still struggling all over the world, yet it seems the world has forgotten about them. It’s more important to talk about the latest movie star controversy, or the latest fashion misstep by some arrogant clothing store.

Don’t join the crowds who forget about the compassion and connection of spirit that we all need. Even if all you can share is a smile and a few moments of diversion, your kindness can provide the strength for someone to go on and face the challenges of their day.

“The Perspective of Struggle”
  by Springwolf
I’m sorry if my being poor makes me unworthy to be your friend. I guess since I can’t run errands or do favors for you, I no longer have value as a friend. How sad and short sighted of you.

It’s not me who constantly talks about our plight. But you who can’t see anything other than the reality of struggle when you look at me.

To bad you can’t see beyond your own disdain and look into my eyes. If you could, you’d see the strength of a survivor!

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