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An eMail Question

eMail Notification Support

eMail Notification Support


I received an email this past week asking a question. When I replied the response bounced back with an eMail address error. I can’t respond to your questions if you don’t give me a valid email address. In these cases I try to respond here on the blog in hopes the sender will see an answer to their question.

Here’s the question:
My question is it possible to do my own rituals without all of the ingredients required in some spells. The reason why i ask is because i am afraid to follow certain ways because on sites and forums i run into people that want to give advice but expect trust from the beginning and can be disrespectful.

I was also wondering how to be able to tell if a spell will cause harm because i dont want to cause harm in any way and it feels like all of the spells i come across as they will harm. Continue reading

Holding Respect With Love

Imitate Nature's RespectThe Key To Successful Relationships

It seems today that our society has created an environment that makes it near to impossible for people to find deep loving and long lasting relationships. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tracks marriage and divorce rates in the U.S.

In 2002 Report 23, Number 22 they presented one of the last statistical reviews of American marriages. Among the findings in the report: unmarried co-habitations overall are less stable than marriages.  The probability of a first marriage ending in separation or divorce within 5 years is 20 percent, but the probability of a premarital cohabitation breaking up within 5 years is 49 percent. After 10 years, the probability of a first marriage ending is 33 percent, compared with 62 percent for co-habitations.

But they don’t explain what happens to second marriages or co-habitations. I personally fall in that category and I’d be interested in knowing what the statistics show. We’ve been together 10years and we have a son. We have no plans on changing our co-habitation into a legal marriage. We had that license in the first relationships and both of those failed. Maybe they’ll cover that in the next decade. Continue reading