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I received an email this past week asking a question. When I replied the response bounced back with an eMail address error. I can’t respond to your questions if you don’t give me a valid email address. In these cases I try to respond here on the blog in hopes the sender will see an answer to their question.

Here’s the question:
My question is it possible to do my own rituals without all of the ingredients required in some spells. The reason why i ask is because i am afraid to follow certain ways because on sites and forums i run into people that want to give advice but expect trust from the beginning and can be disrespectful.

I was also wondering how to be able to tell if a spell will cause harm because i dont want to cause harm in any way and it feels like all of the spells i come across as they will harm.

I understand how energy works and meditation I am just afraid to take advice from others that show arrogance because once i see this from them i just instantly turn a deef ear to them

Is there a way to get help designing your own spells so you dont hurt anyone i dont want to cross any lines

And here’s my response:
There is no right or wrong way to doing things. There’s what works for you and your views and that’s it for your practice. The GreatSpirits know you’re a novice and try to work with you, not against you while you’re learning. But as with all things, be careful what you ask for. You might get it.

With that said, I don’t believe in using the spells created by others for things I need or want. You don’t know the intent behind the creation of the words or tools that person has put into their process. So you really can’t be 100% sure what you evoke is really what’s being purported.

Additionally, a spell is based on you and your energy. You’re accountable for it, so it should be yours from creation to implementation. Only then can you know for sure what the intent is. If you’re worried about harming others, remember that any form of manipulation of someone else is considered a negative action. Some magikal practitioners believe such spells are akin to spiritual rape. You can’t force someone to love you or do something for you and expect there will be no consequences for such manipulation. That’s true for spells with good intentions too. A healing spell for someone you don’t have permission to heal could do more harm than good. An 89 year old grand mother suffering with cancer may welcome the transition to death. But a healing spell could cause them to continue their suffering for longer than they desired. Manipulation good or bad is not a positive intent.

Creating your own spell takes a little effort, research and some good thought. On my site Pagan’s Path, I have an article outlining Spell Construction. It contains additional links to further your knowledge in using tools, candles, stones or crystals, elements and so on. All this will require you to do a little research and thinking on your own, but that’s how you learn and grow.

I hope this answers the question. If not, please feel free to email again.

Many Blessings,

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