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An eMail Question

eMail Notification Support

eMail Notification Support


I received an email this past week asking a question. When I replied the response bounced back with an eMail address error. I can’t respond to your questions if you don’t give me a valid email address. In these cases I try to respond here on the blog in hopes the sender will see an answer to their question.

Here’s the question:
My question is it possible to do my own rituals without all of the ingredients required in some spells. The reason why i ask is because i am afraid to follow certain ways because on sites and forums i run into people that want to give advice but expect trust from the beginning and can be disrespectful.

I was also wondering how to be able to tell if a spell will cause harm because i dont want to cause harm in any way and it feels like all of the spells i come across as they will harm. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Ace of Cups –

Ace of Cups

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Crying over spilt milk when your cup is over flowing really makes no sense. What more do you want? What more are you asking for? You already have what you’re looking for. Wake up and take off the blinders. It may not be your perfect vision, but what you’re wishing for isn’t perfect either. Nor is it the best thing for you. Put your focus back on what’s before you and stop daydreaming about things you don’t need and in the end will not want.

Additional Insight:

The fantasies may be a nice distraction but they are affecting the energy you’re expressing to others and to the world around you. Remember what you think, you create. Often times, that means destroying something in order to create something new. But if you allow your fantasies to become real, you could be destroying the very thing you’re trying to acquire and achieve.

No situation or person is perfect. Things do not work out exactly as we want them to and people don’t react exactly like you imagine they will. Don’t destroy what you have in order to achieve some perfect vision that doesn’t and won’t exist even if you do manage to acquire it.

Stop the day dreaming and turn your energies on what you can control and manage. Open your communication levels and express your views and feelings with compassion and trust. Explain your lack of feeling secure, loved or attention. Others can’t read your mind, so why are you expecting them too and then holding them to a standard that even you can’t meet. Knock it off and appreciate what you have, before it’s gone.

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