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An eMail Question

eMail Notification Support

eMail Notification Support


I received an email this past week asking a question. When I replied the response bounced back with an eMail address error. I can’t respond to your questions if you don’t give me a valid email address. In these cases I try to respond here on the blog in hopes the sender will see an answer to their question.

Here’s the question:
My question is it possible to do my own rituals without all of the ingredients required in some spells. The reason why i ask is because i am afraid to follow certain ways because on sites and forums i run into people that want to give advice but expect trust from the beginning and can be disrespectful.

I was also wondering how to be able to tell if a spell will cause harm because i dont want to cause harm in any way and it feels like all of the spells i come across as they will harm. Continue reading