The Earth Based Spirituality

Paganism & Pagan MetaphysicsI have received a fair number of emails over the past two months asking about the Pagan Earth Based Spirituality. And I’d like to clear up a modern misconception about this.

Paganism of today, especially Pagan Metaphysics is not “earth centered” but rather centered on a larger “cosmic” perspective of life and spirit. This has come about because Pagan Metaphysics strives to grow and broaden its understanding of life and spirit based on new knowledge and discoveries.

Way back when, Earth was the center of the cosmic universe. We know today that this isn’t true. It would be silly to maintain that view today. We grow our views through learning and research, instead of remaining stagnate in the way some other 2000+ year old religious organizations do.  Every thing in life changes. That includes views, beliefs, knowledge and wisdom. They cannot stay the same and refuse to look at how new discoveries evolve old understandings.

This is supported by the idea that Physics and Metaphysics aren’t at odds with each other, but rather depend on each other to understand our physical/spiritual existence. We are bound to expand our knowledge and by doing so, we should grow our understanding and wisdom of our existence. In Paganism, we evolve our understanding to fit what we know now. By doing so, we continue to grow and move toward Divine spiritual enlightenment.

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