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Updates This Week – 11/03/2019

Eyes of the Hunter

Eyes of the Hunter by Charles Alexander

Here On Springwolf Reflections

As we mentioned last week, we’re making a lot of updates to Springwolf Reflections, now that Spring has retired. We’re in the process of moving articles from the Spring’s Haven Spiritual Center, here to the blog.

This week we’ve added the following to the Blog.

During this process, you may find some links on our posts that no longer work, because they’re still pointing to Spring’s Haven. It’s going to take a while to resolve all those broken links. But we are working on it.

In the meantime, if you find a broken link, try visiting our Reflections A-Z content listing. If we’ve moved the article, you’ll find it there. And you can check out Spring’s many other articles of insight, reflection and inspiration here on Reflections too!

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