An Introduction To Usui Reiki

Shamanistic Healing

An Introduction

Our own thought patterns effect the health of our body. Each emotional thought pattern is really an underlying “cause” of a physical illness. In other words, how you think, creates how you feel. This concept has been the basis of Shamanistic healing modalities around the world. It’s not new, and it’s not unique. But it’s also not something you find very often in Western Medicine.

Understanding the physical illness can help you address the underlying cause and thereby riding the body of the disease. That doesn’t mean that you can forgo mainstream medicine all together. Sometimes when you don’t listen to the messages of your body; the issue progresses and requires mainstream medical attention.

But these metaphysical/shamanistic concepts can help you understand why the illness formed, and how you can include metaphysical practices to help support the medical treatment from your physician.

There are many books on the market that describe this system of understanding and belief, but for me, one of the best books on the market for healers is called “Heal Your Body” by Louise Hay, from Hay House Publishing. Ms. Hay created one of, if not the definitive source for emotional causes, their corresponding illness and a metaphysical affirmation to help the individual deal with the originating cause. She has an excellent way of making the concepts understandable for healers and puts the perspective into words. I highly recommend her books.

These concepts will help any healer with their chosen mode of Metaphysical/Shamanistic healing. Be it Reiki, Rolfing, Crystal or Light healing, the basics begin the mind.

What Is Reiki?

Traditional Reiki Hanko

Traditional Reiki Hanko

Any healing method that incorporates the spirit or spiritual approach is a shamanistic method of healing. But that doesn’t mean all shamanistic methods are the same.

When you are not at ease with things in your life, you create dis-ease. Reiki works on this principle of understanding. Believing that underlying every illness is a measure of not being at ease with the self. This dis-ease within the spiritual and mental minds of a person or situation create the physical manifestation of disease.  It’s this very approach that that rings true to me as a shamanistic method that attracted me to Reiki.

Reiki (pronounced RAY-KEY) ~
Rei in English is Universal,
Ki in English is Life Force, which is similar to Prana, Chi, Energy and so on.

Reiki is considered to be a Universal Life-force, which is a fancy way of saying Divine energy, or healing from God, Goddess, The Great Spirits or what ever label you use to define the Universal Divine force in your life.

Basically it works like this:
The Divine energy is brought through you as a Reiki channel and sent into the person, animal or thing you wish to be healed. As with most things spiritual, it is the intent behind the connection of the healer to the Divine source that makes Reiki universal. Whatever your definition of God is, will influence your intent as a healer. Reiki, the Divine energy, knows the rest. It is one of the hands on healing methods where everything is left up to the Divine force to induce healing to the receiver. You as a Reiki channel do not need to know the ailment of who or what you want to heal. It is the ultimate creation of the phrase “Let Go and Let God”.

Many cultures use similar methods and words to describe related types of healing techniques. Each one can be called a method of holistic healing, or an approach to spiritual healing or faith healing. Some of them approach healing in the same way that Reiki does. That doesn’t make them Reiki however. That makes them similar methods of healing, or alternative healing approaches.

Mikao Usui

Mikao Usui, Reiki Founder

From the Usui Shiki Ryoho site:
Usui Shiki Ryoho is a system of Reiki practice described by 4 Aspects and 9 Elements. This system allows the student to begin with the First Degree class promoting his/her progress of personal growth, spiritual awareness, and healing on physical, mental, or emotional levels. There is a Second Degree to which a student is called from within to deepen relationship of the self through this specific practice.

Usui Shiki Ryoho inspires, motivates, and encourages its students to practice daily. In daily practice of self treatment and treatment of other living beings, Reiki, the energy, moves the individual into a clearer alignment with the authentic self.

Usui Shiki Ryoho has been passed down through this lineage and in so doing the practice has developed through the influences of the social events, the personal passion of the lineage bearer, and the guidance of Reiki as the value of long term practice becomes evident.

The system taught by masters of Usui Shiki Ryoho emphasizes the value of self-treatment as the core of the practice, encourages the treatment of family and friends, acknowledges that doing Reiki is a life-long practice through which the depth of the gifts of healing and growth are manifested. The beginning class gives the student everything needed to grow and develop through this mysterious connection to Reiki, universal life energy.

How Does Reiki Work?
Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive, hands-on energy transfer. The source of this energy is ultimately from The Universal Divine Force (again, what ever that is in your life). Therefore Reiki practitioners are simply conduits for the Divine energy. Delivery of the energy is standardized and the Reiki practitioner does not need to know anatomical details for where it is needed. It can help, but it’s not required.

A Reiki Channel simply follows a common procedure of delivery and the energy does the rest. Think of it this way, the Reiki channel “plugs into” the Divine source of healing energy and acts as the extension cord, leading that energy where it needs to go. The energy itself is ultimate energy of the Divine, that knows all, is all, and affects all issues that need to be addressed. It does not need to be interpreted by the channel for the recipient. It doesn’t need to be enhanced, altered or promoted in any other fashion. It is by its very nature, Divine energy.

Then why do you need a Reiki channel?
As with all things on a spiritual level there’s choice and free will. We have a choice to ask for Divine healing or not. We have the free will to do so. You can sit down and ask the Divine in your life to heal your body and give yourself a healing treatment. No problem to it, go for it. It is something you can do where ever or when ever you want.

On a subconscious level, some people have doubts, fears, or apprehension that can hinder their ability to heal themselves. They can ask for Divine healing, but their subconsciousness can block their free will to let it happen. This is where a healer can help to step in and channel the energy that’s needed. It’s like seeking the insight from an outside third party who is detached from the situation and can see it for what it is, instead of what you think or want it to be.

Healing Room

Healing Room

The Divine energy itself, vitalizes the cells of the body receiving treatment. By the end of a session, all the systems in the body (blood supply, nerves, organs, etc.) are operating in a stronger, more cohesive way. Reiki works whether or not the recipient believes in this energy or the possibility of its existence. It may not be as effective, it may not be utilized in the manner in which the channel or the clients family think it’s needed. But Divine energy doesn’t care if you believe in it or not. By the nature of the Divine source, that energy knows better than we do what needs to be done and it will do it regardless.

Reiki can be used effectively on long standing issues, short term ailments and even on accidents that just happened (ie: cuts, burns, bruises, etc.). But Reiki has never been a method of alternative healing that stands alone to provide relief or as a cure for physical illness. It has always been used in conjunction with medical practice and treatments as a method to enhance the body, mind and spirit’s ability to heal. This is an important connection. If you ignore modern physical treatments, and choose an alternative healing method, you’re not treating the whole of the body. You’re only treating the mind and the spirit. Many diseases, need that physical treatment as well.

The magic of Reiki is that it affects the underlying issues behind an illness. Regardless of whither or not we know (as the healer or the receiver) what that issue is. Reiki pulls the energy up from within the body to bring it to the surface where it can be dealt with and changed. Understanding the ailment message then becomes part of the healing process. But only when the recipient wants to address it and break the underlying thought pattern to allow the healing to take place. Reiki can help you see it, but you still have to want to deal with it.

Practitioners can also give themselves a Reiki treatment. Delivery to a client or to the self is simple, straight forward and effective. A practitioner actually increases their own vitality when they perform a session on a client. They are the pipeline for this energy and some of this energy will be assimilated by the provider, if for no other reason than as support during the treatment session. Reiki can also be used on animals, plants, Mother Earth, and even situations in your life. Healing your checkbook for instance when your in financial need is a practice that many channels have reported success with. I’ve used it on my car to get me to the next gas station. It can be used at any time and for any situation in your life.

Reiki is not a quick fix. But it is a method to aid in the healing of various issues and health concerns. Especially when utilized as a support for mainstream healing methods.

Forms Of Reiki
Today Reiki has many forms and variations. You’ll see people say they practice Usui Reiki, others who practice Karuna Reiki or any other variation that has come along. Some of these are very controversial, while others are extensions or have grown out of the Usui system, incorporating specific religious doctrine, practices and/or concepts into their method of Reiki. These new forms of Reiki are no better or worse than the traditional Usui Reiki. Each one has their own benefit and value.

However, if you’re looking for the original form and it’s initial approach, keep in mind that it’s not the only one and you should talk to your Reiki Channel about their method and if it’s alternative approach matters to you, or what their lineage maybe.

Some people are very specific about what they want and they may ask to see documentation of a Reiki Channels lineage before paying for a class or a Reiki session. No matter what the path, a Healer should be proud to share their lineage and certifications. If they are offended when asked to do this, then hold their claims suspect and question their ability and the validity of their claims. Buyer beware, as the saying goes. Being upset about showing one’s lineage might mean they aren’t what they claim to be.

It is not my place to confirm or certify the validity or value of other healing practices. I can only explain how I see Reiki and what I believe it to be. To me Reiki is a Universal Life Force Energy, meaning it is a method of connecting to the Divine force in your life and channeling that energy to a recipient that follows a specific set of practices that go beyond where one’s hands are placed on the body. Being Divine energy it is the ultimate source of energy. Nothing is more “powerful” than the Divine. As I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t need to be enhanced, improved, or specified any more than that. As Divine energy, the energy knows better than the channel where it needs to go and how it needs to be used.

Be cautious of methods that claim to “enhance” this healing energy. How can you enhance something that is already Supremely Divine? Whither through the use of a tool or method of connection, I question the training or at the very least the understanding of these healers and the Divine energy they claim to access or utilize. I’m a tough critic and biased of course. But if you’re claiming to connect to divine energy that needs to be enhanced in order to produce greater healing energy…then perhaps you’re not connecting to the supreme Divine energy or you don’t really understand what you’re doing. If that’s true, than your intent is affecting what you might be connecting to.

Through Reiki, the Divine energy will touch the underlying issues associated with a problem or challenge, whither the channel knows what it is or not and the patterns that have caused the dis-ease in the first place. That’s the beauty of Usui Reiki. Even if a Reiki Channel misinterprets where the energy should be directed, the Universal Life Force knows where it needs to be and will find it’s way there.

Hands On Healing

With that said, one of the issues behind other forms of Reiki is that they aren’t truly Reiki. Simply because someone says it’s Reiki, doesn’t mean that is. What some of them are, can be described as their own form of holistic healing, that also incorporate varied spiritual approaches or concepts. That is neither good or bad, its just a different form of holistic healing. Be proud of the form you practice. Calling it Reiki doesn’t make it more prominent or potent or accepted. In fact, it might do a disservice to the method and its equally valuable and important traditions.

I do think it’s important for students and clients to know what they’re getting if they’re expecting one thing, but receiving another. Simply be aware of the methods, their pros and cons. It’s your money, you should be fully informed of what you’re receiving when you spend it. I will fully admit to being biased as a traditional Master of Usui Reiki. But having a healthy skepticism is good for ensuring you fully understand what you’re buying. Whither its a healing session or a dream to attain certification in a specified healing practice. Do your research first!

Let me say that there’s nothing wrong with creating an atmosphere of relaxation for both client and channel. I light a candle before all spiritual rituals, and to me a Reiki session is a spiritual event. I say a prayer as I light the candle, and before I begin a healing session. This is more for me and my mind set than for a client. I have various crystals in the room to energy within the room or the “feel” of the overall session. Depending on the client, I may also use incense to prepare the room or help heighten my sense of awareness. This helps me as a channel to relax,vfocus and concentrate. Just make sure before you use any incense or scented candles, that your client doesn’t have issues with an allergy. These tools may also help the client and their mind set. But none of these “tools” enhance or empower the Divine energy itself when the session begins.

The following are some of the healing modalities that claim a Reiki link or connection. At least the ones that I know about so far. If one of these sounds interesting to you, do additional research. I’m certainly not an expert on these methods or everything they entail.

Ancient Egyptian Reiki
This form of healing may or may not be Reiki as we think of traditional Reiki. But rather it’s a form of holistic healing based in Egyptian history. Not a lot is known about the specific healing practices used in Ancient Egypt. So this isn’t a direct line to those practices. It’s a resurgence or a better way of putting it, it’s a reconstruction of what is known with modern methods used to fill in the gaps.

Angelic Reiki
Where traditional Reiki says it connects to Universal Divine energy for healing, Angelic Reiki calls upon the Angelic Kingdom to help guide energy for healing. Some practitioners in this form of Reiki say that Universal energy is too powerful for human channels to connect to. Therefore they connect with the angelic source, who in turn connects with the Universal source. Others see the Angelic Kingdom as an additional layer of guidance calling upon a certain angel to address a certain issue.

Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals

Crystal Reiki
Reiki is based in hands on healing and channeling energy through the body to the client. Crystal Reiki approaches this method with the idea of sending the Universal energy through the channel and enhancing it through a crystal and then into that which needs to be healed. In traditional Reiki, YOU ARE the crystal, no other item is needed. How can you enhance something that is already Supremely Divine? If this were called Crystal healing, I’d recommend a session. But I question the premise that Divine energy needs or even can be, enhanced.

Dragon Reiki
This form is claimed to be from China and professes to be the most popular form of Reiki in the world. It’s based on the Chinese concept that the Dragon is spiritually powerful and represents healing and nature in one. I can not really speak to this method, as I’m not really versed on the Chinese approach of the Divine and the Dragon. I like dragons and even use Dragon magik. But I don’t think that’s the same thing as this. So do more research if you’re interested in this approach.

Fire Serpent Reiki
Similar to Dragon Reiki, this form links the serpent to the Reiki energy and especially through the symbols it uses to call upon the healing energy. Again, do more research.

Hypno Reiki
This form merges together hypnosis and Reiki into the same practice. The idea is that the Reiki energy works best when the subject is in an altered state of awareness. In some forms of this method, the traditional Reiki symbols have been replaced with symbols that are more familiar to hypno-therapy practices.

Reiki’s effects are often described by clients as relaxing and giving them a feeling of letting go. Some long distance Reiki healings can best be done when the client receiving treatment is asleep. But that’s not a requirement. The energy can still do what needs to be done, whither the receiver is awake and working, or quietly laying on a healing table in your office. Remember it is Divine energy! If you are putting limits on the Universal Life force energy, then the issue is you…..not the Divine energy. Regardless, this is an interesting concept and does coincide with some of the approaches of traditional Reiki.

Karuna Reiki
William Rand is reported to be a traditionally trained Usui Master. In his development of Karuna Reiki, William and other Reiki Masters channeled symbols of healing over several years. Not satisfied with the method, William channeled a method of attunement that put the final touches on this system of Reiki. My question is, what was wrong with the original method of practice that contains a history of great success before this? There are always alternatives to a traditional method. But I’ve learned from a variety of experiences and topics, that alternative doesn’t mean better, or an evolution of something. So do your research again.

Kundalini Reiki
This form of Reiki reports to use Kundilini energy to enhance its healing method. Sighting this is the most powerful form of Reiki healing. I’m not sure what’s more powerful than the Divine itself, but ok, whatever works for you. Kundilini energy is merely the energy of the soul, manifest within the physical body. In other words, it’s your spiritual energy, moving and flowing between each of your chakra centers. Here’s my issue with this. If you are working on a spiritual lesson, you may have a chakra center that is not yet open. Which could become a block in flowing healing energy with the Kundilini energy. So when this healing method hits a block, then what happens? If this method is designed to force that center open, well, that may not be good either. That area of the soul may not be ready to be opened yet. So to me, this could be a dangerous approach, forcing a person to deal with spiritual lessons and karma, that they are not ready to deal with now. In fact, they may not be ready for many years to come.  Thus I question the validity and even the wisdom of this method. But again, that’s just me. Do your own research!

Rainbow Reiki
Established by Walter Lübeck, somewhere around the late 1980s and early 90s. This form of Reiki claims to pull in concepts of aura, akashic and other spiritual practices to enhance its form of Reiki.

Traditional Reiki also incorporates these spiritual concepts into its practice, which makes me wonder where Lübeck received his training of Reiki. As I’ve mentioned, those who hang out a shingle after reading a book, do not get the full educational benefit of traditional Reiki teachings. Additionally, there are karmic lessons and accountability associated with working with akashic records. If you don’t fully understand this, no matter what kind of channel you are, then you could be causing damage to both the recipient and yourself. Karma doesn’t care if you understand or not, it exists and implements its justice regardless. Again, do your research!

Reiki Aromatherapy
Another mixing of modalities. This form uses aromatherapy along with Reiki to enhance the energy or healing session. There’s nothing wrong with adding supports to any healing session. But like crystal healing, in Reiki the channel is the aroma. Divine energy doesn’t need human intervention to be more is already the greatest energy in the Divine Universe. Still, there’s nothing wrong with using these kinds of tools to help a channel or client focus and be open to the Reiki energy. Besides, who doesn’t like the right aroma to set the energy of a ritual or event. Just make sure your client doesn’t have allergies.

Tummo Reiki
Based on the meditation component of Tummo Yoga, a Buddhist practice. This form of healing merges the teachings and approaches of the Buddhist into a holistic hands on healing method. Learn more about Tummo from This one actually sounds rather interesting to me. But like the others, I don’t know enough about Tummo Yoga to really make a judgement. So again, do your research.

Usui Reiki
The traditional form of Reiki, established by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui,. This is the original method of Reiki. You can learn more about this from the official Usui Royo Reiki website.

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