Evolving The Spirit

Karma isn’t the only thing that can set up thought patterns and actions in your life. How you think affects the way you feel. Our own thought patterns effect the health of our body, mind and spirit.

When you’re creating an uneasiness or “dis-ease” in your body, by the way you think, feel and approach each situation in your life, you create energy that will manifest in your physical body. So each emotional thought pattern is really an underlying “cause” of a physical illness, or emotional situation in your life.

We all set up recurring thought patterns in our subconscious that affect how we live our life. These patterns could be self doubt, a lack of confidence, or emotional perspectives based on how you interact with others. These thoughts can come from societies preconceived notions about the kind of person you are, from family and friends, and from your own views about situations you have experienced in your life.

If you are a person who has been through many failed relationships, you could develop a thought pattern that causes you to expect failure in any new relationship that comes your way. Which is a way to set up a self fulfilling prophecy, even when your own “expected perception” is wrong.

Allowing these thought patterns to reside in your subconscious, allows them to dictate your choices in life. Which can be detrimental to your self-growth and enlightenment. All that negative self talk, builds blocks and holds you back from moving forward in your life.  You end up fighting against your own best interests, because that’s what you subconsciously expect to happen anyway.

Making Change In Your Life
So how can you change old patterns and release karma? What simple exercise can you do each day to help the evolution of your spirit? Well, first let’s clear up the idea that simple means easy. It doesn’t. No one likes change and change isn’t easy. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. The only constant in the Universe is that everything changes. How it changes, is up to you.

Your choices and desire to make change doesn’t have to complicated. And that’s the first mindset you’ll need to modify. Life is not as complicated as we think it is, or should be. You have free will and choice. Those two things are all you need to start changing your life for the better. And it starts with the process of Acknowledgment, Acceptance , Forgiveness, Action and Letting Go.

  • Acknowledgment
    You can’t release something until you know it exists or are willing to admit it exists. So your first step is to acknowledge the situation, issue, pattern or problem. You can call it what you want, you can make it as complicated as you desire. But the bottom line is, there’s an issue and it needs to be changed. So acknowledge that it actually exists.
  • Acceptance
    Once you’ve faced the fact there’s an issue and it does exist, you have to accept it. That’s part of unconditional love of the self. To accept the characteristic or action without judgment and to just accept it with love. Yes you do this thing, or this thing exists within you. That’s it. It’s there, yes I accept that it’s there.
  • Forgiveness
    Now that you’ve accepted the issue, give yourself a break and forgive yourself for taking on this pattern of thinking. You’re human and none of us are perfect. No one expects you to be absolutely perfect, and if they do, then they’re the one with the problem. I guarantee you they’re not perfect! So don’t expect that from yourself. It is what it is, you’ve acknowledge the pattern and you want to change it. There’s no reason to feel regret or guilt over what is in the past.
    “You cannot change the past. You can only change the way you allow the past to affect your present and your future.” ~ © 1989 Springwolf 🐾 ~
  • Action and Letting Go.
    Now the Action to correct these thought patterns, or repay this karmic debt can be implemented. In affecting change in your life, you are letting go of the past and moving toward with self-growth and enlightenment. Replace the old thoughts with new ones, and then let go of all the old patterns associated with those thoughts.

I Am Safe Affirmation  - by SpringwolfUsing Affirmations for Healing
One way to help bring about change in your life it so focus on replacing negative thinking with positive thinking and you can do this through affirmations. Affirmations are a way of reprogramming the subconscious mind to think differently and to automatically react in a more positive way when trigger situations occur in your life.

For instance, if you have problems with anxiety, you can use an affirmation to alter the underlying thought process associated with this pattern of thinking. First thing to do is understand what causes your anxiety. The underlying metaphysical cause of anxiety is “Not trusting the flow and process of life.”

Affirmation Example:
I am the embodiment of the Great Spirits,
I trust the process and flow of life.
I love and approve of myself . I am safe.
And So It Is.

It sounds simple, but reciting this kind of basic affirmation can do a lot to change your thoughts and automatic reactions to situations that bring up anxiety in your life.

Creating An Affirmation
You can create your own affirmation to address patterns you want to change in your life. There are a few basic characteristics that make up the structure of an affirmation.

The Divine Self
The first part of your affirmation should connect your physical mind to your subconscious Higher Mind or Divine Self. Such as one of the following:

  • I am the embodiment of the Great Spirits,
  • I can make change because I am one with the Divine Spirit,
  • I am one with God,
  • I am a divine creation of the Universal Spirit

Or make up your own statement that aligns your thought with the Divine force in your life.

The Corrected Thought Pattern
The second part of your affirmation corrects the negative thought pattern you’re trying to change. This is done on a subtle level, you don’t want to focus on the pattern, but rather the corrected positive thoughts. So if you’re trying to stop sabotaging relationships, don’t focus on the negative action. Rather your affirmation should focus on the new positive reaction. Here are a few examples:

  • I am open and accept love into my life.
  • I choose to create a life filled with joy.
  • I move with ease through time and space.
  • I freely take in new positive ideas.

A Statement of Action
Next you want to put the new thought into practice with a statement of action. You can use one or two sentences to do this. But keep them short. Here are a few examples using the corrected thought patterns above.

  • I love and approve of myself.
  • I am happy and see beauty in all things.
  • I look forward to the future with happiness.
  • I adapt to the new with ease.

Embedding the Affirmation In the Now
The final part of your affirmation is to set it in stone as something you are doing now. Not something you need to do, or need help doing. But rather something you’ve already implemented into your life and are doing in the here and now. The best way to put a fine point on that is to simply end your affirmation with So It Is, or Amen. Or you can use whatever fine point you like. I have a friend who is fond of “So it is written, So it is done.”

So Mote It Be, is a very common pagan saying that is basically asking to “let it be”. It’s a petition of action. An affirmation should be an action that isn’t waiting for approval, but rather has already been enacted by the subconscious. This is ok for a prayer or incantation, but not an affirmation.

So It Is and Amen, in contrast are both a solemn ratification of an expression of faith. They are a hearty approval that the previous statement has been asserted into reality. It’s not waiting to be done. It is done.

Using Affirmations
Affirmations are designed to change your subconscious thought, which will require a light meditative state of being when they are recited. That doesn’t mean you have to sit down and prepare a meditation space.

Simply taking a moment to focus your being on your Divine self, seeing and feeling your connection to the Divine force in your life and then reciting your affirmation is all you need to do. Just close your eyes, take in a deep breath and focus on your thoughts.

An affirmation is recited at least twice a day. Typically in the morning when you rise and at night before you go to bed. That doesn’t mean you can’t recite it more often. I have a friend who has notification set on his phone, to recite his affirmation at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and at night. The notification pops up and he takes a moment to read it.

The best method is reciting your affirmation is up to you. Something that fits in your day, that you won’t forget and will prompt you to make the changes in your life that you desire.

There are many ways you can write your affirmation to remind you to read it. Here are a few more examples to help give you some ideas:

  • Mirror Method
    Place a copy of your affirmation on a mirror you use in the morning and at night. Each time you look in the mirror, read the affirmation and really feel yourself pulling the words into your reflection and your higher Divine self.
  • Visual Cards
    Place multiple copies of your affirmation in various rooms or places you spend your time in during the day. At home on the fridge, on your mirror, in your office at work, next to your bed, or even in your car. Recite your affirmation while you’re sitting still and take a moment to focus on it’s words and see them being imprinted on your subconscious mind.
  • Using Your PC
    One of the most creative methods I’ve heard of, is using your PC’s screen saver to pop up a graphical image of your affirmation. I’ve seen people use a simple text scroll for their affirmation, to a little more creative graphical image that has the affirmation with a supporting picture next to the words. Each time the screen saver pops up, the affirmation is read.
  • PC Wallpaper
    Another PC idea is using the wall paper feature on your PC to hold your affirmation. This way you see the affirmation when you first start up your PC, and then again when you close all the applications before you shut your PC down for the night.

All you need to make a change in your life, is the desire. No one can make you change, no one can change for you. But if you want to change your life, you can do it. It just takes a desire to get started and an effort to work at making the change. You can review some of the affirmations I have created to address some of the common thought patterns that a person may hold. Find the one that best fits your situation at Affirmations For Change.

Good luck.

Created: 10/2/1996       Updated: 04/28/2008, 11/03/2019

© Springwolfs Hanko

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