Facebook’s Discrimination of Pagans – Update



One Win For The Pagan Side!

Back on August 20th I shared news about the Facebook name policy targeting Pagan names and causing havoc for those members.

Here’s a short recap:
Facebook has made a policy that allows any user to report another member because they do not like their name or think the name is being used to bullying others or is fake. However this policy is being used as a weapon by cyber bullies and religious terrorists to harass and intimidate minorities. This happened to me this week.

All it takes is for someone who doesn’t like you, your name or the content of your page to send Facebook a report about your displayed name making an accusation that it’s fake and your account is suspended. No double checking, no review of your page or content, no contacting you first. Your account is suspended until you can prove you are who you say you are.

According to the Facebook Name Confirmation policy:
Two different forms of ID from the list below. The names on your IDs must match each other. One of the IDs must include a photo OR date of birth that matches the information on your Facebook profile so that we can make sure you’re the rightful owner of your account.

The list includes about 15 or so forms of ID that can be provided. So you have a lot to choose from. You need to include a government issued ID. And I wasn’t about to give FB more private information about me than they already have. So an “official” ID wasn’t going to happen. It shouldn’t have to happen!

On August 22nd, I provided Facebook with 8 forms of proof, including Mail, 2 employee IDs with my picture on both, my Ministerial Affiliation ID cards with my full name and credentials. I also included the cover image of my book, with my publisher’s name and my pen name. Along with my official student transcripts for my Doctorate of Divinity degree.

I had provided some of these same documents on the day this first happened, but to no avail. Facebook sent me an email letting me know they would not restore the account. I did my research and found several articles and suggestions from other people who have been through this same harassment.

One thing many suggested was that you respond to the email instead of using Facebook’s online submission system. One gentleman assumed the online system is reviewed by a computer, where as an email must be reviewed by a human. I can see that being accurate, but of course we don’t have a real way of knowing if that’s true. But I took the suggestion and responded to their email.

On August 24th I received a response that my account had been updated and restored! HOT DOG!

I was honestly shocked, but ecstatic! I rushed to FB and attempted to login to my original account. Making my first post:
To everyone who sent your kind comments, messages, emails and posts; from the bottom of heart thank you for your support. Words cannot convey the appreciation I have for each and every one of you! 

I’m Back! And I’m not going anywhere now…thanks to you Anonymous Hater!!!
So in the realm of everything happens for a reason… Thank you! Thank you Mr/Ms Hater for giving me this opportunity to officially confirm my name to FBs name policy team!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to pass the test of growth. 10 years ago this would have put me in a tail spin. A hit to the ego, to my confidence and to my own self worth. Sorry, not any more. I don’t mind, because you don’t matter. I don’t define my life by your standards. But by my own. Thank you for letting me show myself that no longer do people like you matter in my life. That you can’t ding my shell or tarnish my armor!

Thank you for ruining the opportunity of other Haters who will try their best to silence my words and remove me from speaking to others with confidence, trust and oh yes….Love.

Thank you to everyone who sent FB your messages in an effort to help. I’m so appreciative of your efforts. It might be a small win. But at least it’s a win for our Pagan community and I’m sure your notes and emails had something to do with it!

Many Blessings ~

© Springwolfs Hanko

© 2015 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Springs Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


3 thoughts on “Facebook’s Discrimination of Pagans – Update

  1. Congratulations on being back. You and your postings mean so much to so many, followers will find
    you with or without social media type services. I personally go straight to sringwolf.net as I find the
    other routes too acceptable to be safe. Thank you for your sight 😉 and services. MArk

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