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Facebook’s Discrimination of Pagans

Lady Spring Wolf - 06.2015

Lady Spring Wolf – 06.2015

Help Fight Discrimination on Facebook!

Facebook has made a policy that allows any user to report another member because they do not like their name or think the name is being used to bullying others or is fake. However this policy is being used as a weapon by cyber bullies and religious terrorists to harass and intimidate minorities. This happened to me this week.

All it takes is for someone who doesn’t like you, your name or the content of your page to send Facebook a report about your displayed name making an accusation that it’s fake and your account is suspended. No double checking, no review of your page or content, no contacting you first. Your account is suspended until you can prove you are who you say you are.

Update: 08.22 – 4:50pm Eastern
This afternoon FB responded to an email I submitted concerning this issue. They are asking for additional ID information. I’ve provided 3 forms of ID already. So I sent them an image of the cover of my book and demanded my page be reinstated.

In the meantime we have converted one of our FB administration accounts to serve as what we hope is a temporary FB page for Spring. You’ll find her at:

Update 08.26 – I’m back!  One Win For The Pagan Side!

In February 2015 Steve Dent  wrote in “Native Americans still battling Facebook over ‘real name’ policy.”:
Facebook itself doesn’t pore through names to check authenticity. Instead, the reports often come in bunches from users targeting minorities, making Facebook an unwitting party to discrimination. Continue reading


Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Six of Wands

The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti - Six of Wands

The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

The journey brings welcome and accolades from friends and fans. Be gracious and thankful for the attention. Even though it takes work and you maybe a little tired from the trip, it’s well worth the effort. Don’t ignore those who helped you arrive. You could use the goodwill and the confidence boost right about now.  Humility and grace are on the schedule.

Additional Insight:

You’ve put in a lot of work to get noticed and that’s finally paying off. Don’t miss the chance to receive the accolades because you’re tired and in a bad mood. That one moment could destroy what you’ve spent months and even years to build.

Whither you’re trying to gain the attention of one person or a stadium full of fans, this is your moment to acquire the warm welcome. You have arrived. Be gracious and humble. Make sure you acknowledge those who helped you along the way. And remember you wouldn’t be here if it were not for those supporting you and cheering you on.

All that support from the tiny to the big, kept you going and got you through the rough patches. They brought energy into your days when you thought you had nothing left. And they gave you encouragement and inspiration when you couldn’t see over the obstacles in your way. Continue reading