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A Unique Milestone For Reflections

Post #1404

Post #1404

Post 1404

If you’ve followed my blog here for any length of time, you may know that Four has meaning to me. It’s my favorite number, my lucky number and it always catches my attention.

Tonight I posted a new article, “The Traditions Of The Tarot” and WordPress let me know this was the 1404th post on my blog. So I decided to mark the occasion with a little numerological insight.

Numerological Insight:
If you’ve seen my number insights before you know that Mathematics is the only language shared by all humans regardless of culture, religion, or gender. Numerology is the study of the divine or mystical relationship between a count or measurement and life. It has many systems, traditions and beliefs. Continue reading


The Traditions Of The Tarot

Wizards Tarot by John J. Blumen - The High Priestess

Wizards Tarot by John J. Blumen

New And Old Tarot Traditions

Today I saw an interesting picture on Facebook and it got me thinking about traditions. When it comes to the Tarot, there is a wide range of old traditions for how to keep the cards, how to use them, and who’s permitted to touch them. Added to those old “rules” are new concepts that have become common place and considered to be new traditions. But there’s no one single definitive or authoritative list of these ‘rules’. And some of these existing concepts even contradict each other. Here’s a short list from around the world as an example.

  • Keep your cards in a pine box.
  • Wrap your cards in silk or cotton.
  • Sleep with your cards under your pillow.
  • Never let anyone else touch your cards.
  • Only the querent should touch your cards at the time of their reading.
  • Always purify your deck in sunlight.
  • Only purify your deck in moonlight.
  • Sit the deck in a plate of sea salt to purify it.
  • Light a candle or incense before a reading.
  • Lay all your readings out on a pine board.
  • Always face east when doing a reading.
  • Always face your querent.
  • Shuffle and cut the deck three times to the left.
  • Don’t shuffle, cut once to the right.
  • Have only the querent shuffle.
  • Have only the reader shuffle.
  • Your cards must be gifted to you or stolen.
  • Never use a used deck.
  • If your cards are lost, they needed a new owner.

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Four of Swords

The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti - Four of Swords

The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

Don’t be so hard on yourself for the mistakes that have been made. There’s plenty of accountability to go around. Spend some time today doing a little soul-searching and be honest with yourself. You are repeating some lessons that need different choices this go around. Or you could be repeating them again.

Additional Insight:

If something has made you angry, then it’s time to be honest and look in a mirror at why. When the actions of someone else create anger within you, it’s a reflection of something you don’t like when you at your own reflection. Though it maybe an exaggerated view of an issue or behavior to get you to notice it in the first place.

The lesson today and through to the fourth are karmic in nature. They’re hitting you in all aspects of the self; Mind, Body and Spirit. Don’t simply lay back and do nothing as if you don’t have choices to make. There’s no need to fall on your sword. Instead, set the anger aside and think things through.

Try to examine the underlying message and decipher what the lessons are trying to teach you. Understanding that, will help you make better choices this time and alter the outcome to finally resolve the issue and put it to rest. That’s going to require that you look in a mirror and listen to what’s being said. There are clues in the rhetoric. Especially if it’s something you’ve heard before.
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