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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: King of Wands

The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti - King of Wands

The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

You are the leader of the clan. It’s your responsibility to light the way and keep the peace. If you fear the darkness and focus on the negative, that’s what you’ll create for your kingdom. Live in the moment and bathe yourself in determination and success. You’ll pull the ambition and accomplishment closer to your throne for all to share.

Additional Insight:

Don’t allow your fear and worry to overshadow your kingdom. You have the higher insight and perspective that will lead everyone into the Divine blessings you’re working to create. Keep that focus and use your magik as a beacon where others can come to find the strength to endure. Even if it’s only for a little bit longer.

You’ve been through this before and you’ve come out better than you went in. Even though the stakes maybe higher this time around, you have the ability to rule the day. Use your authority to direct the stars and move them into the position you desire. Don’t wait for an outcome to appear that may never manifest. Make it happen and be part of your life. Not an audience member that watches others dictate your role.

If others won’t provide you what you need, find a different solution. Pick a number and go for it. If it’s too much, you’ll have a little extra to work with. It will be ok. If it’s not enough, the right solutions will present themselves before the final meeting and deadline arrives. It’s your day to make the executive decisions and rule over your kingdom. Be confident in your choices. Be secure in your actions and don’t second guess the day with fear or trepidation. Get it done now and you’ll be better off in the long run.
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