Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Don’t tie yourself up in knots today. The anxiety isn’t yours to own, so don’t allow others to turn the thorns of punishment inward toward yourself. Remember you are free to choose your own path. You are safe and secure when you walk with compassion and kindness. Above all else, through Walking Your Talk ©, you will rise above the visceral fear and anger of the day.

Additional Insight:

Many around you might be filled with panic, unreasonable fear or irrational anxiety. Whatever has their world in a bind, don’t allow their energies or emotions to tie you up in the story. It’s not your play to star in, nor your lessons to be learned.

Trust yourself and your own chosen path. Keep your sights on your steps forward. Offer comfort or compassion. But remember you can’t fix problems others have created for themselves, no matter how much they want you to. Especially when there may not even be a problem to begin with.

Sometimes the greatest gift you can provide to someone else is the space to fall down and falter. Let their drama queen/king act stand on its own merits and the consequences of their actions fall on their shoulders. It’s a hands off day for the most part. A day not to get dragged into a one-sided  drama.

If you can’t avoid being involved, at least make sure you hear both sides before you start pointing fingers or placing blame. Don’t be afraid to speak up for the innocent and let the accuser know they’ve made some assumptions that aren’t valid or realistic. If they won’t listen, wash your hands of the matter and walk away.

Emotional manipulation is a common thing in our world today. Some people know exactly what words to use that will push your buttons and get you entwined in their game. Don’t rush to judgement. Verify the story and the details before you become part of the problem. Or walk away and don’t get involved at all. It’s ok to put up blinders or pull the shades from time to time. Especially when it’s a play you’ve already seen before. Over and over again! You may need to make a choice of friendship or peace. Is this someone you really need in your life?

Put your trust in the Divine force in your life to guide your steps. You will know which tales are real and need intervention or protection. And you’ll be able to see which ones are false or designed to manipulate you.

You create the world you think and imagine. The energy you express, is the energy you pull toward you. Reflect the compassion, calmness, and peace you desire to be around and you will attract those who share that desire and the same energy. Be mindful of your thoughts, your actions and your words.  Walking your talk will help the day go by with harmony in action and set up a joyful weekend to boot.

~~~~~~~~ A Numerological Insight:
When I posted the card, WordPress notified me that this was the 940th post on my blog so far. Not sure why that number caught my attention. But it must have done so for a reason. So here’s some Shamanistic Numerology for today.

Actual Derived Designed Calculated
940 9+4+0=13 1+3=4 4

Four – The number of progression, the circle of life or the change of seasons, movement and cycles, the ability to endure, stability.

  • This number is associated with Mercury.
  • This number is associated with the Mountain Ash Tree.
  • This number is associated with the Otter.
  • It represents the flow of spirit and nature.
  • Positive Direction: 4 is the number of nature. It embodies the talent of instinct and the ability to change and fit in with its surroundings. It is a mailable number that feels comfortable in the spirit world as equally as it does in the physical world.
  • Negative Direction: In reverse 4 can indicate instability, being flighty and having a need to get back to your roots. Feeling confused and not being able to make decisions, or choices on your own.

~ If someone is pulling at you to step back in the darkness, Four is telling you to make your own choices and welcome change to move forward. As the number for the cycle of life, it indicates that all things change and sometimes you must let go of what’s holding you back, even when that ‘thing’ is a person or situation. Being comfortable in both the spiritual and physical worlds, Four is also a number of balance. Being able to rise above and seeing what’s real and what isn’t, or what maybe trickery to manipulate your actions. It also reminds us to use our instinct to determine the path for us to take. Turn this way and you can become embroiled in the instability of others. Turn that way and walk your own path to flow with the spirit and serenity of nature. ~

I’d say that fits today’s card. What do you think?

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