Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Five of Cups – Inverted

Five Of Cups-Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Stop crying over something that hasn’t even happened yet. All is not lost. But you do have to step up and be accountable today. Take charge and face the music. You might discover things aren’t as dire as you think and you still have some time to fix everything! But you must take action TODAY or it will be too late.

Additional Insight:

You can’t run from your problems or the issues in your life. You must face them head on with confidence and trust that the Divine in your life is pushing you to where you NEED to be. The more you run away or fight against the tide, the harder you will make it on yourself. So stop, just stop!

You made the choices that brought you to this point in your life. Either by thinking with rose-colored glasses, and ignoring the signs that were there. Or simply by taking the option to do nothing when issues came up in the first place. You created this moment in time, ok, what’s done is done. Stop dwelling over what you should have done, could have done or might have done. None of that self negative talk or focusing on the past is going to change things or cause a magikal wand to appear so you can wish it away!

Grow up and take care of your business like an adult. Be accountable and responsible for your own life. Stop blaming others. Stop running away and stop making things out to be 10 times worse than they actually are. No one likes a drama queen/king. There is always someone who has it a lot worse than you do. You might even be looking at them right now and you don’t even know it. So why are you wallowing in self-pity if not to be the center of attention?

What has passed can’t be changed. But what you do from this moment forward, can be changed. So focus on what you need to do and what’s in your control. Make the phone call. Submit the paperwork. Work out a deal. Do what ever it is you need to do in order to get things back on track and moving forward. Let go of the anxiety, let go of the fear held in not knowing what’s going to happen. The more you dwell on it, the more energy you give it and the more you allow it to manifest into reality.

So stand still for one minute. Just 60 seconds, right here and now. Close your eyes, take in 3 cleansing deep breaths. Imagine the gray smoke of anxiety, stress and fear being pushed out of your body. Then imagine a pure yellow light of success and protection coming from the Divine force in your life, moving down into your being. See it filling the empty space left behind by the negative energy you pushed out. See it forcing the remaining negative stress and anxiety out of your physical body. See that Divine yellow light easing your muscles, relaxing your shoulders and back as it fills up your entire physical body. The Divine energy does not struggle against the weakness of stress. It over powers it, pushes it and moves away the stress headache and physical pain you’ve been manifesting in your body. It holds you in pure love, compassion and success and empowers you to move forward, adapt, overcome and achieve.

Now with the Creation of the Divine force in your life, anything is possible. Get to doing your business and allow the Divine to work miracles through you and for you. Today is the day you take control back and walk the path you were meant to tread in the first place! Now get to it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Little Numerological Reflection

This was post 930 on Springwolf Reflections and that caught my attention. Time for some Shamanistic Numerology.

9+3+0=12 | 1+2=3

Three: The number of spirit, the whole (mind/body,spirit), wisdom and enlightenment, bringing empowerment.

  • This number is associated with Mars.
  • This number is associated with the Birch Tree.
  • This number is associated with the Snow Goose.
  • It represents the energy world or physical magik. It is a number of balance for feminine and masculine energy.
  • Positive Direction: 3 can denote intelligence and a unique ability to understand all sides. Because of this it’s a number of justice or fairness; being able to balance out all sides of an argument and working out the best for all sides. It’s a great number to have for those in the spiritual or legal professions.
  • Negative Direction: In reverse 3 can be overbearing, intrusive and disregarding fairness. It becomes a number of judgement based on self-serving outcomes or a sense of righteousness.

As a number of spiritual balance, Three is the perfect number for today. It brings empowerment, Justice, fairness and helps to bring out all sides of an issue so that it can be resolved to the best possible outcome for all concerned. I think that fits today’s drawing. Don’t you?

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