Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: King of Swords

King of Swords

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You must be strong and vigilant to keep the peace. No one is going to follow a weak leader. Stop doubting yourself! You will open the door for others to manipulate your actions. Gather information from all sides and make sure you understand the full scope of the issue. Make your judgement with authority and confidence. Make it understood that if new information becomes available, you’re willing to look at the situation again. But your position is clear and final for now.

Additional Insight:

Being strong doesn’t mean always being at war. It means having the authority and control of self to govern fairly and with wisdom. It means not being afraid to find the other side of the story and making sure you see both sides of the argument. But most of all, it means knowing when to dictate terms of peace and when to go to war. And then not being afraid of the battle if it does come.

It also means being able to control your emotions and reactions. A good leader is not manipulated by anger or hurt feelings. They cannot allow even their closest advisers to manipulate their thoughts to implement doubts of any kind. Good or bad.

Allowing others to control your emotions means you are not in control of anything. Not even your own kingdom. People will often say things they know will inflame your thoughts. If you feel weak, it will be easy for someone to push you into actions and decisions you will later regret. If you feel angry and blow your temper with yelling, angry words or worse, physical actions you have allowed others to control you and your energy.

If you need to walk away from an argument to gather your composure, then do so. Even if it’s for only a moment. Don’t allow someone else to say what you can and cannot do. In fact, if they try to; make sure they understand they don’t control your thoughts no matter how hard they try to if you choose to step away from their hate and anger; that’s your choice.

When you remain calm, you take control of the fight. You are the one who will think clearly and be able to formulate your argument. It weakens your opponent and their position and allows you to discover all sides of the issue and find out what really maybe going on under the surface. There’s much more to the story today than you’re being told. So make sure you keep calm and find out. Even if it means going to the source and asking them point-blank. But ready to decide if they’re telling you the truth or not. All sides could be telling lies today and it might be hard for you to determine who you can trust.

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