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graduating wolfTake Pride In Your Accomplishments

In 2008 I took on a personal quest to satisfy a desire for personal validation. I had decades of knowledge and experience in my spiritual path, but some how I felt that I didn’t have the right to call myself a teacher or spiritual minister. This was simply something I felt was lacking within my own confidence.

I was serious about my mission and what I wanted to accomplish with my teachings. I was often praised for my classes and lectures, consultations, healing and helping others. But those compliments didn’t satisfy my own inner perspective of my, let’s call it authority for lack of a better word. I did my research of universities, colleges, cost of enrollment and which programs would support my pagan beliefs and focus on the foundation of those beliefs from a metaphysical and shamanistic perspective. I settled on the degree programs of the 50+ year organization of the International Metaphysical Ministry (IMM) offered through one of their institutes of higher learning, the University of Sedona.

As I went through the programs I was able to look within and apply the lessons from the programs to myself. It provided me with the opportunities to grow, confirmed I did have the knowledge that I only thought I had, and gave me a great boost of confidence that I personally had not had before. So the program was totally selfish on my part. But it gave me a great deal of insight and information to apply that confidence in knowledge into the role of minister and spiritual leader; where I will admit had gaps.

I got much more out of the Doctor of Philosophy, specializing in Pastoral Counseling Psychology than I had even hoped. Not only from the stand point of helping others, recognizing issues, but also working as a professional Spiritual Psychologist. From implementing your practice upon the foundation of your spiritual approach and work, to the legal issues and the responsibilities of Minister/client relationships and how to resolve conflict or problems.

Metaphysical degrees are determined by the Department of Education in Washington DC as non-secular and are thus classified and regarded as religious in nature. This religious classification gives the IMM full legal right to award Doctoral degrees to its graduates who have completed educational courses and dissertation requirements. That’s no different from any other religious university, Christian or otherwise. As with any religious institution a minister must maintain their affiliation in good standing and adhere to the by-laws of the institution. IMM is no different from any other religious governing body in this aspect of practice. We are also required to provide monthly reporting about our ministry as part of the exercise for remaining in good standing.

When we established Spring’s Haven, we developed a website to share who we are and what qualifies us to offer the mission of spiritual enlightenment. If you were to visit a professional office, you would find the degrees and certifications of the individual hanging on their wall. So why shouldn’t you be able to see those same items online when being offered online services? To provide that we created a Degrees & Certifications section for my “cyber-wall”.

That was long before blogging became popular and before Springwolf Reflections was established. Trying to keep all sections of the site up to date is harder and more time-consuming than you may think. That was noticed by a visitor who questioned the status of my affiliation with IMM. Now while the intent was to be insulting and accusatory, it did bring attention to an outdated page on the site. We decided that continually adding the current affiliation card to the site had to have a better solution.

Well, how about sharing the news on the blog? What a great idea! So this afternoon we updated the graphics on the site, changed a little verbiage and updated the page. Instead, we’ll be using the blog here to announce the renewal of the affiliation identification as part of our news release.

So here’s our first announcement to that end. My affiliation with IMM has been renewed in October 2013, which takes that legal affiliation to October 2014.


I know this won’t ease the …”concern”.. of the person who called the outdated information into question. I don’t think that was their intent based on the other comments they provided in their notification. But I’m going to say thank you to that person anyway, for helping us catch something we’ve missed in the past year and devising a solution that works much better for us today and for the future.

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