Picking Up On Global Events

packhowlImpacting Universal Consciousness

Last week on my facebook page, I asked a question;
“Have you experienced any unusual psychic feelings about something global in the past 2 months? If so, explain.”

Thank you to everyone who answered. We discussed the question and the answers on Monday night’s Ænigma Project, which you can listen to in the recorded podcast.

Because we humans can be easily influenced I wanted to ask a question, without giving too much information.  And I asked those who responded to refrain from reading the other replies until after they’ve posted their own answer, so as not to be influenced by someone else. The responses were all similar in nature with a feeling of foreboding, changes and sadness.

Let me start by saying that it’s not unusual for people to pick up on negative energy more than positive energy. Negative energy, for lack of a better way to describe this, vibrates at a lower level. So it’s an easier energy for us to feel and pick up on. Positive energy vibrates at a higher level and it can require us to raise our own energy sensors to feel it on the spectrum. If you meditate on a regular weekly basis, you begin to  maintain your own senses at a higher energy level and it’s easier to pick up on the positive energy around you.

Next, think of energy as it resides in a battery. There’s a positive and negative charge, you need both to make the battery work. The same concept is true for the Divine Universe. It’s a balance of energy that makes things possible. Negative doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Sometimes sadness is good to have around when you need to show sorrow or even compassion for those who have been struck by a tragic event. Sometimes it’s good to be angry about something, it can feed your desire to make change and balance the scale of injustice, without being violent of course. Without these energies we would have a harder time recognizing the positive energies around us. We need both, in order to understand not only the balance of life, but to recognize it’s extremes as well.

Of all the replies to the question, here’s the one I liked the best as I think it describes the current pattern of global energy quite nicely. But also, how we might approach our response to that energy.

There’s definitely a shift going on. I’m not going to jump to the conclusion that it’s negative however. Sometimes things look negative, but in reality what we see are people who are resisting change out of fear. Even though they don’t realize that’s what they’re doing.

For instance in the past several years we seen mass killings perpetrated by mentally ill people. Those tragic events shed light on a problem concerning helping the mentally before they snap. Here in Virginia it has taken an attack on one of our State Senators and suicide of his own son to get this issue recognized and discussed. Will anything be done about it? Maybe. But these tragic events maybe a means to an end result that should take place to help those who really need it. Hopefully those deaths won’t be in vein.

I think the global shitting we feel is the same kind of thing. A means to a better end. For a long time people have talked about the Earth Changes and for some reason that stopped about 8 to 10 years ago. I’m not sure why. But the Earth doesn’t move as quickly as we think or perceive. It takes its time. She’s a lot older than we are after all. I think we’ll see greater extremes in our weather, but also greater shifts in the earths tectonic plates as well. More volcano eruptions as well as some new eruptions from volcanoes long thought to be extinct.

I don’t think the shift is a short term thing. Nor do I think it’s totally negative. It’s easy to jump to that conclusion out of fear of the unknown…. But I don’t think it’s overwhelming bad.
– Rayne

It’s interesting the number of people who talked about energy shifting, or changing and associated that with negativity. In general the human race is averse to change. We don’t like it that much. We even fight against it very often. “The Devil you know is better than the one you don’t know” is not simply an adage from the past, it’s true even today. Not knowing what’s going to be around the corner can be frightening for many. Others build up the courage to take on what ever comes their way, even if it means struggling through. And some make the attempt to degrade or demean what they don’t know or understand and try to ignore its importance.

Sometimes things have to change in order to become better. And when those in power, or those who are in the majority don’t want those changes to take place, it seems a fight must be had to push the evolution forward. It’s easy to look at the big social changes within the world and see why they had to be made. Slavery, equality for women, child labor restrictions, oppression of people, and many other moral issues have required, and still require bravery and force to maintain or change those standards or outlooks.

It’s also easy for us to focus on the negative, especially since it’s in our face every moment of every day. Today’s News agencies focus on the sensational and if a story isn’t sensational, they’ll find a way to spin it so it becomes sensational. Even a feel good story has to be told with a negative component. “A Massachusetts girl takes the nation by storm, but receives degrading and vicious comments because she’s Lebanese”.  Take a look at the “breaking news” items on your favorite news website. How many tragedies are listed in comparison to positive news stories? It’s no wonder we can pick up on the sadness and feelings of overwhelming dread. It’s hard for us to get away from it.

Now here’s the problem with that. Most of you reading this believe ” how you think, impacts your day and ultimately your life”. As part of the Universal Consciousness, your thoughts and outlook also impact the world around you on a global scale as well. When we pick up on tragedy and dwell on the sadness, we are adding to the snowball that’s running down the mountain. We’re helping to make it bigger. Some might even argue that we are creating the negative events in the first place, because of that very global perspective of struggle and conflict. If we can do that to ourselves in our own life, we can do that as a combined force of thinking here on the entire planet as well.

What Do You Do When You Feel Something Is In Motion?
So how do you affect change when you pick up on potential events that are in the works of manifesting? Do you feed the negativity and allow the ball to increase in size and impact? Or can you have an effect on lessening or even blocking an event from happening?

On October 29, 2013, the Dalai Lama posted this on his facebook page.

Dalai Lama
We can make this a more peaceful century if we cherish non-violence and concern for others’ well-being. It is possible. If the individual is happier, his or her family is happier; if families are happy, neighbourhoods and nations will be happy. By transforming ourselves we can change our human way of life and make this a century of compassion.

When we put our own beliefs into practice instead of simply giving them lip service, we work toward the positive process of changing our own lives. We impact ourselves, our family, our own communities and yes, as the Dalai Lama puts it, we can impact nations and the entire world. This isn’t something new that I’m righting about now. This has been a message I’ve shared for quite a while. And I’m not the first to say it or write about it. This isn’t a new concept.

Every situation in life has two sides. We can’t control the weather, but we can control how we respond to its effects. We can provide compassion and help for those in need, regardless of their color, creed, political or religious affiliation. We can’t control the shifting Earth, but we can hold out a hand and help those who are impacted by the destruction that may result from her movements. We can’t buy a meal for every person in the world who goes hungry, but we can volunteer at a local shelter, food bank or even donate a meal to your local church. Even the small things can impact more than you may realize.

I remember going to a Baptist Revival with my favorite Uncle when I was in college. Yes a Pagan can appreciate Christian revivals when both sides are respectful and willing to listen. The Preacher was a young Minister, about 30 or so. He wasn’t much older than I was at the time. He told a story about working in the church of Rev. Billy Graham and learning about how little acts of kindness can influence world events. To be honest I’ve never tried to verify the story, but I like it as it was told and decided it was the moral lesson that was important in this tale and left it at that. So here goes:

When Rev. Graham was young and first began his ministry, he was working on a hot summer day and went down the street to the local market for a cool drink. Standing in line in front of him was a woman  with her 5 year old son and she was trying to buy a very small amount of food for them to get through the week. She was asking the store manager if he would give her credit on the groceries until next week, if he didn’t, they wouldn’t be able to eat until then. The manager was being difficult and thinking more about his bottom line than showing compassion for the woman and her child. Rev. Graham asked the manager to give her a line of credit and he would back it up. He gave the manager $20 and asked if that would start a charge account for the woman? (Remember back then groceries stores offered their own credit lines to people and, $20 was a lot of money). The store manager tried to talk the Reverend out of it, but that didn’t work. So he gave in and gave the woman credit.

The woman was struck by the Reverend’s kindness and she began attending his church. She tried to pay him back by volunteering any time he needed help. She raised her son in that church and he helped out when he was old enough to do so. Her son learned to be compassionate and learned the value of helping those in need, even though he was still someone living in poverty and struggling to get by in life. He grew up and did well in school, which helped him to attain an academic scholarship to his state college. He graduated from college with a medical degree and continued his education to become a surgeon. Of course he pulled his mom out of poverty and because he understood how important compassion was, he continued to give of his time and his new skill when and where he could.

One hot summer evening he was working in the ER when a gunshot victim arrived. Little did he know that the victim was a state politician who was accidentally shot on a hunting trip. The young doctor saved the life of the politician who turned into one of his closest friends. And because of their friendship, the politician learned of his doctors struggle growing up. Like the doctor’s Mom he felt the compassion first hand of this young doctor and his deeds to help others. He felt it first hand and began a campaign that helped enact the first state wide programs for helping working single mothers and their children living in poverty.

Whither or not that story is true, it is a good analogy of how our little acts of kindness can grow over time and impact more than just the person we’re showing compassion to. You may not be able to fly to the Philippines and help with their recent tragedy. You may not be able to leave your home and travel to the Middle East to help fight for Women’s Rights. But you can provide compassion or help to the person at the grocery store who’s trying to buy a small amount of food and surprisingly discovers they can’t pay for what they had put in their shopping basket. Maybe you could toss in a few dollars for the gallon of milk, or the package of diapers. Instead of standing there feeling annoyed that you have to wait for the clerk to ring out the items they’re putting back so they can purchase something that gets them through to next week.

How you implement your own thoughts in the world around you adds to the energy you pick up on and feel. If you feel that something negative is coming to a head, don’t feed its energy and help it manifest. Do the exact opposite. Be one of those people who impacts change and becomes the most recent story for a random act of kindness.

A Sampling Of The Question Replies:
I’ve been feeling a lot of negative energy.
– Sally
Great sadness…the wolf killings are really bringing me down
– Sharita
I feel that there is a battle with the forces of evil trying to maintain control as we pass through the zero line of the energy cycle and move into the positive side which will build in intensity and grow for many thousands of years. I not only feel it but it seems evident in the number of senseless violent acts. These acts are worldwide.
– Ray
Yes. I keep feeling something big is going to happen in the first half of next year. But I can’t tell if it’s a good thing, or a bad thing. Whatever it is, I can’t shake the feeling that it’s a life changing thing.
– Myranda
Just a feeling of dread I can’t put my finger on to the point of feeling ill.
– Cheryl
I feel great sadness and i can feel the energies of the earth shifting.
– Megan
It’s as if my Empathy is in Overdrive. I’m picking up on Global Injustice, Suffering, & Negativity in General. I feel like a Blanket of Negativity is trying to suffocate us (Humanity) and it is a struggle some days to stay on a Higher Vibration. There are more & more reports/incidents focusing on Possession & Evil. .. I’ve felt “Something Brewing” for quite some time & have dreams about this Huge Global Shift, but only after a degree of Destruction.
– Deb
I see people re-evaluating themselves. Reflecting on their dreams, wishes, friends, work, & family. Learning how to balance while feeling pulled in many directions all at once. A time of learning something new, growing, and how we connect with others.
– Jennifer
The last couple of months, things seem to be moving faster than usual/normal (is there such a thing?!). I don’t know if that is a change in myself or a general shift. Also, I have experienced huge amounts of emotional release. Some of this has been mine, but some has definitely been beyond me. I had a similar experience with emotional release over the summer.
– Angela
Severe anxiety, almost like I felt just before that big tsunami in Sumatra. I’m also having dreams again (which I did also before said tsunami, but more on a global scale.) Personal feelings, something bad is coming.
– Janet

Thank you again to everyone who answered.

© Springwolfs Hanko

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