Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Moon – Inverted

The Moon - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

There’s no need to be afraid of the dark, it’s the place where stars fly and beauty shines. Life is filled with the varying shades of light and dark. Neither is good or bad, they simply are part of the life we lead. Don’t allow your fear to focus on what you can’t see or don’t understand. Fear of the unknown can keep you from seeing the joy and excitement hidden in new things. Allow the stars to shine in your life, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Additional Insight:

The Divine Universe can sometimes go out of its way to bring balance to the world around us. We may not understand why or what the reasons are, until we allow our Mind/Body/Spirit to become one with that Divine force in our life and look through the fog of fear and doubt.

What you can’t see, what you don’t know, what you don’t understand are not things to be afraid of. This kind of fear breeds contempt, intolerance, anger and even hate. For some they even create hypocrisy within their own being and slowly eat away at their physical body, their mind and ultimately their soul.

There’s a difference between accepting all things around you and being true to your gut feelings. If you see someone who makes you feel very uneasy, be wary but don’t be mean. Give them a chance to show their true colors, even if that means giving them space from the other side of the street. Base your judgements on the moment, the here and now; not on preconceived ideas or assumptions.

Don’t focus on the bad or sad things that happen or cross your path. Inside every dark moment is a flicker of goodness. In every death, there is a birth of something new. In every shadow there is a shadow character waiting to play. In every unknown instance, there’s a moment of excitement to be discovered. Allow yourself to be open to change and welcome its guidance to new and better things. The world will seem much less scary and much more astonishing!


A Sad, Yet Happy Arrival

Baby Meep

Baby Meep

Last night one of our Cats brought two babies into this world. The first one, a black kitty we named Ghost, didn’t make it. The second one, an orange kitty our son named Tigger, is strong and full of life.

While we’re sad that Ghost came to us in spirit, he was loved by his Mom as she cleaned him and cared for him in those moments of his delivery and before his brother Tigger arrived. Even after Tigger was here and before we removed Ghost from the nesting place, she still loved on him. And we wanted to give her time to say goodbye too.

It’s easy to focus on the sad or bad things. But with a tiny bit of extra effort, allow yourself to see the beauty in all things. You will find them.

Today we buried Ghost outside in the “animal garden”. He rests there with the two wild baby kittens we named This and That. We found them in our driveway after they left this world on a cold rainy evening. And a kitty we lost named Puff. Even in spirit they all have friends to play with and explore the woods and the world together.

Within a few days Tigger lost his name and picked up a new one; “Meep”. A name that’s fun to say and brings a smile to your face simply by saying it out loud. Maybe that was Ghosts way of telling us to be happy for the blessing that arrived. She taught us that even in the times of sorrow; we can always find something to smile about.

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