Please Vote Today!

Patriotic Wolf - Artist Unknown

Patriotic Wolf – Artist Unknown

Get Out And VOTE!

Being A Responsible Citizen

Here in the U.S. we are having mid-term elections. To some this is more important than the vote for President. Why? Because the mid-terms help to determine what happens in Congress and how our country is best served by its political leaders.

This isn’t an editorial about politics, so I won’t go into specific details about which party is better, or who needs to be ousted. What’s important today is that you get out and vote!

There are a huge many reasons people don’t get out and vote. They’re too busy. They aren’t excited about either candidate. The weather is too bad to get out in. Their vote doesn’t really matter. And nothing ever gets done, anyway.

In our current political environment, there’s the negative tone of campaign ads thrown at the electorate day and night. The majority of TV ads don’t try to persuade voters to support one candidate, but rather to convince them not to back the other guy.

So why should we be part of the process? Because we don’t want to be part of the problem. And keeping silent does that.

“Why is it important to vote?
You can’t win if you don’t play. Election outcomes are determined by those who participate. Elected officials make important (often life and death) decisions about how our society will expend its collective resources and the restraints it will place on individual behavior. The drinking age, the age at which you can get a driver’s license, and the amount of money your teachers receive are some of the decisions made by elected officials. In making those decisions, elected officials respond to people who bother to vote more than to those who abstain. Voting does not guarantee that one’s preferences will prevail, but choosing not to vote denies a person one of they key tools of having a say in a democracy.” – Steve Frantzich, Professor of Political Science at the U.S. Naval Academy
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As spiritual people it’s up to us to rise above visceral hatred and move beyond the spin, lies and distortions. You can’t simply give lip service to your beliefs and perspectives. It’s one thing to talk about how energy impacts our world, how we use energy to create what we want, and then not put the energy into manifesting the positive change we seek. In order to bring positive change into reality, each of us must exercise our right to vote. It’s not only an obligation as a citizen of the United States, it’s also an obligation as spiritual beings to speak out and uphold the civil rights of all people.

I hear time and time again from pagan and metaphysical practitioners about the injustices purported on this group or that group out of ignorance or bigotry. Yet when it comes to making a big difference in those matters, many stay home and don’t voice their view in the voting box. Don’t be a hypocrite today. Be the person who makes the difference. Put your energy to positive use and manifest your view at your local poling place.

As an American we have the honor of voting for our political leaders. Many countries do not get that right. Some that do, are still manipulated and fraudulent elections are often common place.

No matter how turned off you are about elections, your vote really does matter. If you don’t like what’s going on in Washington, it’s up to YOU to change it. And you do that by Voting, Writing letters to your representatives and making your voice heard. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the attention. Those that yell the loudest (with votes or by contacting their representatives) get the attention and representation.

By remaining silent and not voting, you are giving your approval to what your representative does in office. They represent YOU. Don’t you want them to be the person that really says and does what you think and feel should be done? Think of it this way, IF you don’t vote, you have no right to complain about Washington!

Your voice is important!! It does matter! Don’t give your rights away to those who want to control the world for their own greedy means. Send a message to Washington that enough is enough! I encourage everyone to take time and make a difference today.

Get Out And VOTE!

I voted today..did you?

I voted today..did you?

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