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Please Vote Today!

Patriotic Wolf - Artist Unknown

Patriotic Wolf – Artist Unknown

Get Out And VOTE!

Being A Responsible Citizen

Here in the U.S. we are having mid-term elections. To some this is more important than the vote for President. Why? Because the mid-terms help to determine what happens in Congress and how our country is best served by its political leaders.

This isn’t an editorial about politics, so I won’t go into specific details about which party is better, or who needs to be ousted. What’s important today is that you get out and vote!

There are a huge many reasons people don’t get out and vote. They’re too busy. They aren’t excited about either candidate. The weather is too bad to get out in. Their vote doesn’t really matter. And nothing ever gets done, anyway.

In our current political environment, there’s the negative tone of campaign ads thrown at the electorate day and night. The majority of TV ads don’t try to persuade voters to support one candidate, but rather to convince them not to back the other guy.

So why should we be part of the process? Because we don’t want to be part of the problem. And keeping silent does that.

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Congratulations to Gabby Douglas, Native of Virginia!

All Round Gymnastics Gold

AP Photo / Gregory Bull

Our local news here is all a buzz over one of our own (a Virginian), Gabby Douglas, who won Olympic Gold in the all around Gymnastics competition. GYMNASTICS: Virginia Beach’s Douglas wins all-around gold

Congratulations to Gabby and all the competitors.

What struck me most as we watched all the local news coverage and perused the papers this morning, you know what the headlines didn’t say, at least here in our little world? They don’t say First “Black” American To Win Olympic Gold in Gymnastics! While that is a measurable achievement, and it was mentioned as it should be for young African American girls everywhere –  it’s a bigger compliment to simply say First American To Win Gold in Gymnastics since 1996.

Imagine a day when the color of your skin NEVER makes a news headline. She’s not a Black American. She’s an American! And we’re VERY PROUD OF OUR GABBY!
Congratulations also to all our American Athletes! Whither they brought home a medal or not, we’re proud of each and every one of them for the efforts, work and participation. Everything else is merely decoration on an already wonderful cake!
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