Starting Your Own Spiritual Group/Business

Wolfwitch by Springwolf 2012

The Challenges Of Being The Leader

The Challenges Of Being A Minister, Healer, Teacher & Spiritual Leader

On the  June 17th edition of The Ænigma Project, Paul Cagle, Sushi and I discussed the issues and insights behind starting your own Paranormal or Spiritual group.

If you missed the show, you can listen to previous shows on the Tenacity Radio Archives for the The Ænigma Project (look for date and topic). Or visit the The Ænigma Project blog for links to iTunes, Stitcher and more ways you can listen to past shows.

Here I want to share some articles and information we discussed during the show, along with some helpful links and suggestions.

This recommended reading explains the challenges and the benefits behind the role of Leadership. It can outline the pitfalls, help you to determine if you have the knowledge and skill to take on the role of leader, especially in the area of Spirituality.

But I’ve also included some practical information on the business side to help you get started in creating your small spiritual business.

Let’s start with what it takes to be the leader of a spiritual group. By default people will see you as an “Expert”. Those that seek your leadership will set you up on a pedestal whether you want it or not. Are you prepared and ready for that?

Take some time to read this series that I published here on Reflections early in 2012 and be honest with yourself about taking on the role of organizer or leader. The first assessment you should face is… Am I qualified and what’s expected.

– What Is A Spiritual Expert – Series:

Before you begin to think about establishing your own gathering, you should understand what a craft group is. There are a couple of articles you might enjoy on my original website Pagan’s Path.

Finally, even if you’re going to file the necessary paperwork to be a Church, your organization should be treated as a business. Especially if money is involved. There are plenty of business sites and business experts on the internet to give you information about getting started and what you need to think about.

Here are a few links to help:

If you’re not sure what to put or need an example of something to get started don’t be afraid or let that stop you. The internet is the equivalent of the Library of Alexandria! Search! Many companies like the one you want to begin, put their business plans online. Find one and use it as inspiration. I did. You can.

In every getting started business site the first step you find will be Write Your Business Plan. Do it! Don’t feel overwhelmed, there’s plenty of help to get you started. Not to mention writing your plan will help you organize your thoughts, put positive energy toward manifesting your dream and help you see what you already have to get started and what you might need. It’s a great place to get your entrepreneurial juices flowing. You can do this!

Here are my suggestions for the business basics to get started:

  • A business plan.
  • A business license or other legal licenses for your county or state.
  • A checking account separate from your personal account.
  • Accounting system. Check eBay for a copy of QuickBooks to help you track your business financials. You can find relatively inexpensive classes anywhere in the world for how to use the package. It’s worth the expense.
  • Talk to a local accountant. If you’re not a CPA don’t feel overwhelmed with accounting. Talk to someone who does know and get an idea of what is required for your small business. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with people to hire them for their services. You’re starting out and that can be an asset in your negotiation. See if you can get a special rate for the 1st 6months or year. You’ll be surprised at how many people will work with you  in hopes of keeping your business long-term!
  • Legalities. Schedule an hour with a business attorney. You can usually find an attorney willing to schedule a free first meeting consultation with you. Take advantage of it and find out what might be required in your area. Do you need some form of business insurance is one of the first questions to ask.

In addition to the business stuff, you will also want to define your standards of operation for your spiritual group. Here are my suggestions for defining the basics of your spiritual center or business. This is the Charter for your organization. This will include (and it’s not limited to these):

  • Principles Of The Spiritual Group
  • Principles Of Belief
  • Clan Troth / Wiccan Rede / Metaphysical Dedication
  • Dedication and Initiation Process & Procedures
  • Code Of Ethics – For all members
  • Membership Information
  • Press Release Procedures (Who speaks for your group & how?)

If you would like an example of a Clan (Coven) Charter visit Clan Of The Forest Moon.

One of the biggest things you will need to think about is how will you deal with Conflict Management. Ask any person who has been a member of a group of any kind and they’ll tell you it failed because of in-fighting. It’s the number one killer of a services oriented business. There are many places online and in person where you can find management training for dealing with conflict. Don’t be afraid of facing it head on and stopping it before it gets started. It’s your business and you should be the one to control it. This is where a Code of Ethics is extremely useful, so don’t be afraid to write one, use it and require your members to sign a copy as part of your membership process.

It sounds like a lot of work and frankly it is. But anything worth doing usually takes some effort. The important thing to remember is that a well documented plan pays attention to the little details in order to succeed. You really can do this. Simply tackle one step at a time and before you know it, you’ll have a well thought out plan in place and moving forward.

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