Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Devil

The Devil

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You’re being followed by someone who wants you all to themselves. Be cautious what invitations to accept. The diversion might be flattering, but the results can get you into some hot water and derail your plans. You’ve worked very hard recovering from past events that tried to bring you down. Don’t throw all that away for a simple smile or batting of the eyes. Their selfish desires might be your undoing.

Additional Insight:

When this little fairy appears, he’s usually warning you about paying attention to the details – “The Devil is in the details, so be cautious”. Today he’s warning about a shadow that’s following you around.

Either a person or an opportunity to fall back on old ways, the shadow behind you is one you left behind in the past. And it should stay there! Don’t let the negativity pull you back from all that you have achieved so far. You’ve come a long way from that struggling person you were and you’ve walked into a more positive present.

The “calling” may be strong and enticing. The stress and anxiety from today may seem overwhelming and you might wonder “well why not this one time”? But this one time will unravel ALL the work you have done to this point. Don’t give in to temptation today and you’ll be able to say “No” more easily for the rest of the week and month.

Don’t allow others to sweet talk you into something you’ll regret later. You have set your plans in place, put forth the effort to make them reality, worked hard to overcome the obstacles and have grown stronger through the self discipline. You don’t need someone else to validate who you have become. You don’t need their approval to be a better person who’s in control of their future. You have changed..and in a good way. Leave the old devils behind and keep moving forward to the place you are meant to be. You can do this! You are strong enough to walk forward. You are the one who approves and validates who you are. Believe in yourself. You will be the victor in the end!

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