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EVP & EMF SmartPhone Apps

I’m having an absolute blast with my new phone. It’s my first SmartPhone! Anyway..

If you don’t already know, I’m a co-host of a paranormal radio show called The Ænigma Project. Last night the Show’s creator Paul and I were talking about smart phones and the many useless Ghost Hunting apps.

So anyway…after the show we talked a little more, Paul gave me some great advice for what to look for and I did some research online while we talked. Paul has been professionally ghost hunting for over a decade so he has a lot of more experience and exposure to these things than I do. He also has an iPhone so trying to find something that was compatible with my new Nexus was going to take a little longer.

After doing some research and comparing reviews, I settled on Ghost Radar. If nothing else, it’s been very entertaining. I should probably say that I’m an old school psychic and have tended to refrain from technology when it comes to “proving” the existence of spirit and ghosts. I do read academic research and studies on a variety of esoteric topics, such as the effects of meditation on the brain and physical being. So I tend to shy away things like this.

You can also learn more about Ghost Hunting Tools and Alternative Equipment from one of our past Ænigma shows.

But in an effort to understand Paul and our co-host Sushi when they talk about Ghost Hunting, I wanted to learn more and get an idea of what it is they do. Even if it’s only a small exposure, it’s the beginning of understanding my friends and their interest. That’s what friends do for each other after all!

Last night after talking to Paul Cagle, I downloaded Ghost Radar, looked at it briefly and went to bed. This morning, I think we have created a miniature Ghost Hunter. The first thing our little Prince does when he gets up this morning is grab my phone and starts ghost hunting around the house.

We captured some pictures from the phone to share and some of our experiences from this morning as well. But let’s start with ghosts and communication first. I know ghosts are around, I’ve been psychic all my life and up until I was about 13-14; I thought everyone could see them and hear them.  Imagine my surprise when I found out that’s not accurate.  I do believe that everyone is psychic to some degree and we can learn to use our inner psychic senses.

Early in my adult research into spirituality I taught myself how to turn that inner detection on and off so it happens on my terms. I’m not always “open” to spiritual/ghost communication unless I want to be. Because of this, I can do what this app can do, only I can do it better.

Vibrational Energy Interpretation

When we speak, we create sound waves that have a vibration. Communication with spirits and ghosts occur the same way, but their energy is not on the same frequency as our ears can hear with. An adept psychic can have a conversation with ghosts and it’s similar to talking to you in the here and now. But the psychic is “hearing” with their 6th sense hearing that is sensitive to that energy vibration and can interpret what’s being said and communicated in a whole sentence or conversation.

What this app does is “interpret” those vibrations that it detects and tosses out what it electronically determines is being said. That interpretation is the big drawback between a technological tool and live breathing adept psychic. I have the understanding, knowledge and experience over time and have honed my skill of interpretation of that energy which allows me to have a conversation. An app can’t do that. Well..yet anyway.

Ghost Radar® by Spud Pickles™

So exactly what does this app do? The best way to explain this is to share our experience. As I said, I’m only beginning to understand this approach to ghost communication, so there’s still a lot I don’t know.

VoxThis is the Voice screen. When the EVP picks up on a sound
and interprets the sound vibration, it displays and says the
word. With a woman’s voice.

I have absolutely no idea what the numbers mean or represent.
But I’m sure Garrett (my husband) and the little Prince will
read/learn and let me know. They’re the scientists in the house..I’m
just the psychic/creative person.

EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena. Unexplained noises or sounds
that may be interpreted as disembodied voices.

Ghost Radar® by Spud Pickles™ for AndroidRadarThe radar screen is the most fun to watch.

There are 4 light indicators that may appear. Red is the strongest,
than yellow, green and blue which is the weakest. What’s neat
to watch is you can see a light come on the screen and then move
across it (presumably the ghost is moving across the screen).

According to the little prince who went to the app home page
and read about the radar tool (geez)… those 3 buttons on the
bottom left indicate the signal strength of the radar. The longer
you have the tool running the stronger the radar detection gets.

Now before you say, it’s picking up on animals in the house.
Nope. The Prince was sitting right next to the Dalmatian at his
back. My cat was in my lap next to the Prince and the other cat
was sitting to left of the Prince. There was nothing physically
in the location indicated by the red blip.

The lingo of the trade calls this an EMF – Electromagnetic

Ghost Radar® by Spud Pickles™ for AndroidRadar Talking BlipWhen the EVP picks up a word under Radar mode, it shows both
the light indicator and the word.

Here we had what we’re calling a “yellow” ghost
say fight.

As I mentioned; Being an old school psychic, I’m not sure
if I believe the accuracy of this tool. But for full disclosure…

We were watching the radar as I was posting these images and
I said: “It’s interesting and entertaining even if it’s
not real. So fact or fiction, it’s fun”.

About 15 seconds after I said that, the radar said “Fact”…
that’s freaky right there. 😉

Ghost Radar® by Spud Pickles™ for AndroidRadar Multiple Blips
Now this one was interesting. This wasn’t a ghost moving,
it was 2 ‘red’ ghosts at the same time. And one of them supposedly
said “chart”. Which was interesting to me, because
I was trying to take these screen shots and saying out-loud..wonder
how I should put them online.

I guess I was supposed to chart them out. 😉

Even without a technological tool, we do believe we have a
number of ghosts in our house and that visit from time to time.
All of us, Garrett, myself and our son have had ghost experiences
individually and together.We live in the center of Civil War
battlegrounds. Next to our house is a gully that historians have
told us was a common Civil War roadway. You could ride an entire
Calvary through there and not be seen unless you were right on
the ridge of the gully. We’ve seen soldiers, horses, wagons and
more in that area. We’ve also had soldiers from both sides of
the conflict visit in the house and I’ve talked to a few.

Watching the radar today, we saw as many as 6 blips on the
screen at once, in varying colors and remaining stationary for
20 to 45 seconds. And interestingly enough to me, the most I
saw at one given moment, came when I was saying a prayer this
morning and asking the Faeries to come help me pull and divine
today’s Tarot Meditation message.

..Another freaky occurrence. 😉

Ghost Radar® by Spud Pickles™ for AndroidWordsThen there’s a Words feature which lets you track the words
that were picked up.

This is really kind of interesting. I like the manner in which
the app categorizes the words together as best it can to denote
a conversation or full sentence.

Now some of these “sentences” are sporadic words
and really don’t make a lot of sense out of context. But sometimes….
they actually say something…

Tap on the first group in this list and you will see the words
spoken in that conversation…

Ghost Radar® by Spud Pickles™ for AndroidWords SpokenAt 12:28pm on August 28th, 2012; These words were detected.

Now I’m not sure about the inconsistency between the group
saying there were 3 words spoken, but the details within the
group shows 4 words. Maybe the app can’t count. 😉

Here’s an example of a sentence.

“Improve that struggle” is a good message for our
house at the moment. Garrett is going through some business challenges
that have us struggling with some issues.

If we add “east” to that situation; well that’s
interesting too because he has some job contacts in towns east
of us; which would include Newport, Norfolk and Virginia Beach
where he has done work in the past.

All in all, I’m still not sure what I think about this. It’s very interesting and fun to play with. I like it.

© 2012 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Springs Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

One thought on “Ghost Hunting With Your Phone

  1. I’ve had an interesting experiences with this application. The most notable happened at my girlfriends house we both felt really uncomfortable one night when we went to be and she kept seeing a face over my shoulder throughout the night.finally I decided to pull up this application almost immediately hate and conflict came up and our bedroom door that is always closed swung open. Followed by my phone completely freezing up. I have an android so I hit the home button a couple times with nothing then all of a sudden my phone went into a fit. It backed out to the home screen went black turned back on opened a couple apparently randomly the ghost radar popped up with the word surprise on it. I believe the door was opened by a protective spirit the often does that and both my gf and her brother have seen and I have felt. There is also a room right off ours that has a hold spirit in it we believe it’s currently storage but people that go by the door often get Goodwin’s and have often commented on feeling uncomfortable once decided to discuss them with my sister answer having spoke to her about them she immediately responded yo my question of ” have you felt any ghosts in that house” with ” I felt the kids in the star room is there another?” Which was exactly what I was feeling but that spirit that Knight was neither it was hostile and I have no idea where it came from or where it went

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