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Ghost Hunting With Your Phone

Get Your Tinfoil Hat

EVP & EMF SmartPhone Apps

I’m having an absolute blast with my new phone. It’s my first SmartPhone! Anyway..

If you don’t already know, I’m a co-host of a paranormal radio show called The Ænigma Project. Last night the Show’s creator Paul and I were talking about smart phones and the many useless Ghost Hunting apps.

So anyway…after the show we talked a little more, Paul gave me some great advice for what to look for and I did some research online while we talked. Paul has been professionally ghost hunting for over a decade so he has a lot of more experience and exposure to these things than I do. He also has an iPhone so trying to find something that was compatible with my new Nexus was going to take a little longer.

After doing some research and comparing reviews, I settled on Ghost Radar. If nothing else, it’s been very entertaining. I should probably say that I’m an old school psychic and have tended to refrain from technology when it comes to “proving” the existence of spirit and ghosts. I do read academic research and studies on a variety of esoteric topics, such as the effects of meditation on the brain and physical being. So I tend to shy away things like this.

You can also learn more about Ghost Hunting Tools and Alternative Equipment from one of our past Ænigma shows.

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