What Is Remote Viewing?

MeditationIs It Really Something You Can Learn?

This is the ability for a psychic to gather information about an item hidden from their physical view, often at a long distance. The term was introduced by Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff in 1974.  A large market for lessons and services popped up around this term, especially since it’s been incorporated into modern day entertainment mediums. There have been books, businesses and claims made by “teachers” about gifts and abilities to accurate view remotely and provide information about objects and items.

The problem with this is…Remote Viewing isn’t new or special or something that has just been discovered in the waning years of the last century. It’s a phrase used for marketing and selling services and goods.

The Concept
In actuality this is a very common ability practiced by everyone on the planet. Yes I mean everyone. Being psychic isn’t unique or a power that only some possess. Everyone is psychic to some degree. Some of us are more aware of this 6th sense than others and we’ve learned about it, learned to develop it and use it on a daily basis. Many people say they have a gut feeling about this or that, or they have an intuition about certain things. These phrases are simply another way of saying you’re tapping into your psychic or 6th sense ability.

Have you ever lost your keys and tried to stand in your living room to “see” where they are? That’s what this is all about. Nothing more, nothing less. The more connected you are to your psychic senses, the easier it is for you to connect to an item and see what it is, or where it is, or gather information about it.

Any practiced psychic who has a strong connection to their particular psychic ability can “tune into” a person and divine or view an object at a distance that might be related to that person.  But practiced psychics aren’t the only people who can do this. You can learn how to do this yourself.

Understanding Inner Sight
Understanding your 6th sense is just a matter of becoming in-tune with these extra senses. You had to learn and understand your other senses for sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. You learned about them when you were a baby and the more you experience in life, the more you are able to utilize those senses in your daily life. 6th senses or what are termed Psychic senses are exactly the same. They aren’t a special gift, nor do they make one person more special or powerful than the next.  We all have these abilities and we all can learn how to use them.

Every animal on the planet has an inner instinct. Humans being animals themselves are no different. We all have an “inner sense” that tells us when something isn’t right, when there’s danger around us, when we need to be cautious and so on. How many times have you said to yourself or someone around you “Something is going to happen today. I don’t know what it is, but something is different about the day” and then something does happen. Sometimes it’s a good thing and you’re excited. Sometimes it’s a bad thing and you tell others in your family “I knew something was going to happen today”.

Now imagine what you might have been able to do differently in that day that might have changed things. If you had paid attention to your instinct, would you have avoided going down that street where you had the car accident? Would you have taken that phone call that you didn’t recognize and won a prize vacation? What if you could tap into that inner instinct and “see” more about what you feel in order to take advantage of opportunities or avoid negative or dangerous situations. Well you can.

Learning About and Enhancing Your Inner Instinct

The first step is to understand what these senses are and what type of instinct you have an aptitude for. Just like some musicians are adept at playing the piano more than the guitar; each person has their own aptitude with their inner instinct or their psychic sense.

Some people have an aptitude for “seeing” energy, while others might hear it, feel it or a combination of these sensory abilities. In the metaphysical world we call these abilities “clear receptions”. There are a variety of these but some of the most commonly heard of are:

(Clear sensation or feeling) To perceive information by a ‘feeling within the whole body” without any outer stimulation.
(Clear vision) To see into an ethereal dimension without using physical eyes or stimulation. To reach into another vibrational frequency and visually perceive “within the minds eye” something existing in that realm.
(Clear Audio/Hearing) To perceive sounds or words from sources broadcasting from a spiritual or ethereal realms.

You can learn more about the varying senses from my article: Psychic Abilities – Do you have one? on my business site @ Spring’s Haven.

Learning what these senses are is only the first step. Developing them and practicing them on a conscious level starts with putting them to use and through exercises.

Meditation is the most important step to begin this process. Connecting more strongly to your abilities starts with creating a bridge between your conscious mind and your psychic mind (what most people call their spiritual mind).  When you meditate, you are strengthening this bridge just like a piano player strengthens their ability to read music and move their fingers across the keys without looking at them. Over time the connection become second nature, you don’t even think about doing it, it’s just a part of you and what you have become accustomed to.

You can learn more about Psychic Development – Developing Your Talent @ Spring’s Haven.

You can read all the books in the world and gain a lot of knowledge. But it’s only through the execution of what you learn and the experiences you go through that creates ‘wisdom’.

The piano player doesn’t become an accomplished musician over night. It takes classes, training, work, practice and a teacher willing to answer questions and show examples. It takes effort and a willingness to listen to others who are more experienced and more importantly to yourself. It also takes years! Years of practice and understanding each experience as it happens to create an ethical and knowledgeable psychic insight.

But don’t let the idea that it’s going to take years to fully develop your inner instincts into a higher spiritual insight. You will gain benefits from building the bridge right off the bat. Along with be cognoscente of your personal ability, you will be able to recognize these instincts when they surface more readily and be more prepared to pay attention and interpret them when they do.

As with anything in life, the important things take time to learn, develop and utilize. That’s truth with developing your inner instinct into an insight as it is with developing your ability to be a good parent, a good partner, or being good at your job or profession. Never stop practicing! Practice, practice, practice!

From the very beginning of developing your ability, put yourself to the test. There are two exercises I recommend to my students. One develops your abilities from a ‘beginners’ level, the other expands your abilities to an intermediate level.

The Beginners Exercise
Find a friend who is willing to help you practice. It might even be someone who would like to learn about their own inner instincts. At least once a week, get together in the same location where you’ll have time to be alone and have at least 1 hour un-interrputed.

Gather some objects to “tune into”. They can be a deck of regular playing cards, small animal figurines, whatever you want to use. But in the beginning make it easy on yourself and pick about 6 to 10 items of the same type. For instance, don’t choose a small statue of a cat, a tennis ball, a playing card, a cup, a tea bag and so on.

Rather choose 10 cards from a deck of playing cards, look at them so you have an idea of which 10 you’ve chosen. Or 10 animal figurines where you can determine the type of animal being singled out. Or perhaps 10 magnets from your refrigerator.  You might stop by the dollar store and find a toy for kids that has 10 miniature colored cars in a package and your will need to determine the color being singled out.

Your friend will keep the objects to the side where you cannot see them. They will choose 1 item from the 10 and place it in a bag that you cannot see into. Then they can place the bag in front of you. Your job is to tune into the object and determine what it is.

Once you make your “guess”, your friend will open the bag and show you the item. Write down your results. In the beginning you will probably get more wrong than right. And that’s expected. Don’t get discouraged and don’t practice this exercise for more than 1 hour at a time. There’s nothing more depressing than forcing yourself to guess ‘wrong’ for 2 hours. Egads, that would make anyone upset and cranky!

Simply mark the night off as one of many exercises to come. Keep practicing your meditation and your exercise, on a weekly basis. At least once a week is the minimum I set for my students. The more you practice this, the stronger your skill will become over time. But keep in mind, NO psychic is 100% accurate all the time. Even the best of psychics might reach 80% accuracy and that’s being generous. For now, shoot for a goal of 50%. If you can guess half the tests correctly in a single session, shoot for 60% next time.

When you have gone over the 60% mark in this exercise it’s time to move on to the intermediate lesson.

The Intermediate Exercise
In this exercise you’re going to take your “tuning into” ability and put it at a distance. I recommend using the same friend who is local to you in the beginning. As you progress through this exercise you may want to talk to a friend who lives out of state, across the country or around the world. The more you become proficient at the beginning stages, don’t be afraid to push your skill farther and to longer distances.

Talk to someone you know and tell them what you’re learning to do. Ask them if they will help you by being your focus for a few exercises. Their job is simply to confirm or deny what you pick up on them sometime in the next few days. Don’t tell them when you’re going to do this and don’t ask them any questions about what they might be doing over the next few days. The less information you have about them, the better.

When you’re ready to begin your exercise, hold a picture of your subject in front of you, look at it and “tune into” their image. Try to focus on their energy, where they are in the world (country, state, town wise) and what they’re doing. Listen to your inner instinct and write down what you “think” or what “comes to you”. What are your impressions about them at this very moment.

Where do you think they are physically? Are they driving somewhere? Are they at their desk at school or in a meeting at work? What do you”feel” about them? Are they excited, or bored? Are they wishing they were some where else or are they tired? Trust the impressions you receive and write them down.

When you’ve completed your exercise, try to get hold of the person when you know they can talk about what you’ve done. Ask them if they can confirm anything you picked up from looking at their picture. Don’t be discouraged if you get nothing right or accurate the first time. Or even the second, third or 10th time. Every person is different and there’s no set time table about when you should be able to pick up on their energy and to what degree of accuracy you may develop.

Use the same percentage calculation for this exercise. The more you practice the better you will get. Don’t give up!

Keeping A Record
When you begin your practice it’s important to keep records of what you have done and what your results are. You can’t see how far you’ve come, if you don’t know where you started. If you dedicate yourself to your meditations and your exercises, you can develop and enhance your ability. But don’t rely on what you think you have accomplished to do that. Keep records so you can see the proof in front of you. Confidence is a big part of trust your inner instincts. We all have self doubt and negative self talk working in your heads. When you have something in front of you that proves to yourself that you have progressed, it’s hard to argue with that.

The key is to not discouraged, but to note what happened and continue the practice. Perhaps you’ll want to develop a better meditation practice, or perhaps you’ll want to practice your exercises every other day, instead of once a week. You can determine your own schedule, but remember that schedule will impact your level and speed of progression.

Everyone has this ability to recognize and hone their own inner instincts. Even you. It just takes dedication, time, effort and a lot of work. But you can do it.

Good luck!

Before anyone thinks about hanging a shingle out in front of their house that says “The Psychic Is In”, I strongly suggest you read Giving or Receiving A Psychic Reading on Spring’s Haven. Make sure you know what you’re getting into and what you’re accountable to and responsible for by being a professional psychic. Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.

© 2012 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Springs Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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