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Sunday Homily: Fake Friends Believe In Rumors

Love Is Love

Friendship Is…

Real Friends Believe In You

I saw this on a poster recently. It was talking about the stress and strain of being online and drowning in social media for kids and even some adults. How these new mediums of communication can  impact friendships and relationships.

Fake friends believe in rumors, real friends believe in you.

Some of you probably don’t know that my partner Garrett​ and I met online in an old AOL chat room. As soon as word got out that we were “seeing each other”, the online drama queens started their efforts to spread rumors to break us up.

It didn’t work, obviously. Because we talk. We talk a lot. We tell each other everything! Absolutely everything. And because we respect each other, we’re open, honest and trust each other implicitly. Continue reading


Thoughts And Prayers To Our Friends In Australia

Our Prayers For Sydney

Our Prayers For Sydney

Thinking Of You In Sydney

We have several friends in Sydney and more in Australia over all. We’ve been thinking of you all during the sad hostage situation in Sydney.

While we’re relieved the event has ended, we’re so very sorry to hear of the loss of life. We send out our thoughts and prayers to everyone. But especially to the two hostages, their families and friends for their tragic loss.

Everyone here at Spring’s Haven and Springwolf Reflections send our thoughts and prayers to your families and friends. May each of you find the strength to endure, the support for each other to cope, and the energy to remember the happy memories during this sorrowful journey.

~ Many Blessings
Springwolf 🐾

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Five of Wands – Inverted

Five of Wands - Inv

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

A gift of the heart isn’t going to come your way if you sit inside and feel sorry for yourself all day. Snap out of it! Remember to be your own best friend and take yourself out to lunch or for coffee. Find something to do where you can meet and mingle. There are plenty of people out there who share your interests and want someone else to talk to about them too.

Additional Insight:

Whither you want companionship, someone to talk to and share your interests or to establish new business relationships to widen your professional network then you’ll need to get out and do something about it. Stop sitting there moping and feeling sorry for yourself. It will only increase your feelings of loneliness or being out of the loop.

When you get out in the world, you are expressing your confidence and self-esteem in who you are. Let your inner creative mind do it’s magik and express itself. This attracts others who want to be around that and know that kind of self-reliance. Go to a meeting, a seminar, even an exhibit that peaks your curiosity and interest. Talk to others who show up and find out why they’re at the event.

If you’re looking for companionship that might turn to into a romance, stay out of the bars! Look for like minds in places that require thought and exercise the mind and/or body. Try a museum, a book fair or even a gym.

Now stop the stupid untrue rhetoric that keeps playing in your head and stand up straight! You do have value, you are worth knowing and the first person who should want to be with you….IS you! Now knock it off, get up and go talk to someone face to face! You’ll be ever so surprised what you find.

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Lovers

The Lovers

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

We each have our own brand of love. Most are open to giving love to family, children and partners. But we constantly forget to love ourselves. We overlook our good qualities and see the reflections of our failings or faults. Don’t simply accept others for who and what they are. Turn that same compassion and caring inward and accept yourself as well. Love your own self worth and others will see you are worth loving.

Additional Insight:

Stop the self criticism. Stop replaying the nasty hurtful statements others have said in anger or ignorance in your head. You are the perfect creation of the Divine Spirit incarnate. See your loving traits and allow them to heal and replace the negative recordings that hold you back and keep you from moving forward and achieving your dreams. You’re beautiful; inside and out!

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