Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Emperor

The Emperor

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

The only way to win the day is to create unity against a common adversary. You can’t go it alone and stand up against the anger of those who insist on ruling with fear and anger. Shield yourself against their desire to control and manipulate. Speak your own truth and walk your talk. Love and respect win the day. While the negative foes try to use words of peace and love to justify their hate and intolerance. You’ll end up being the one who stands on the higher ground of battle.

Additional Insight:

Don’t let your adversaries pull you down to their level. Fighting their fight only gives them control over your battle plans and your ability to win the war. Being reactive means they’re directing the fight and taking you away from the moral higher ground. Let them ramble and shout. They’re only showing the world what they’re really made of. And it’s not a pretty sight.

While your fighting for peace and respect for all, with dignity. They’re standing on the playground stomping their feet because you won’t engage them on their territory. That’s ok if they want to act childish. Let them scream and shout and hold their breath. Ignoring them will show others that the point has been made. Their not interested in peace, they’re only interested in being the center of attention with a closed mind and a hidden agenda.

Rise above and see the game for what it is. A way for the fear mongers to turn the attention back on themselves so they can continue the manipulation of the truth and turn the masses into followers they can control for their own means, greed and destruction. When everyone is shouting, no one is listening and no one can hear the negative and inaccurate rhetoric being shouted by the other side. They need to be heard, because the world isn’t as dumb and mindless as they think they are. So don’t be baited into a skirmish. Don’t fall for their tricks of name calling and spin. They’ll do all the work for you as their true colors begin to come out and overshadow the compassion and kindness the rest of the world is trying implement with love and respect.

Look on with dismay and astonishment, but keep putting your knowledge, understanding and compassion behind your actions. While they’re simply shouting from the pulpit, you’ll be the one walking your talk and putting your words into action. By tomorrow, the energy will have shifted and the united front will be established to shield your reputation and keep it firmly in place and intact. You’ll win this fight simply by practicing what you preach.

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Good Morning: Speak your truth & walk your talk. Love & respect can change the whole day!


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