Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Star

The Steampunk Tarot by Aly Fell - XVII The Star

The Steampunk Tarot by Aly Fell

Don’t change who you are to satisfy those around you. Not in appearance or attitude. Their interest is fleeting and resides on shaky ground. Stand up for yourself and be the Star that shines because you are true to yourself. It takes much less work and effort to be yourself anyway. Be comfortable in your own skin and let your instincts guide your path. You’ll acquire accolades and that’s nice. But more importantly, you’ll gain the respect you deserve.

Additional Insight:

Being yourself is a lot of work. Being what others want you to be takes even more effort because it’s not part of your being. You have to think through everything, pause and take a double glance at how you respond or perceive what’s expected of you. And then worry if you got it right.

Why change who you are for the favor of someone who doesn’t care about the real you in the first place? It’s not worth the effort. You deserve to be loved and appreciated for who and what you are. If YOU don’t like something about yourself, than change it for YOU. If you want help changing something about yourself, then ask for help and support. But the only way to do it and succeed, is to make the changes you desire by doing it for YOU.

Trying to be what you’re not opens the door to being labeled fake, a fraud, a manipulator. It generates energy of mistrust and disdain. All of which you don’t need in your life. Shed the old skin and release the negative expectations. You’ll brighten the sky with your inner divine light and show the way for others to find themselves within their being.

Begin each morning by looking in the mirror and giving yourself a pep talk. Look at yourself and say out loud “I love you”. No it won’t be easy at first for some. You’ll make faces, roll your eyes, or even have a hard time saying it. But do it every morning and the effort will get easier. Remind yourself what you’re working on for that day. Is it to be more confident and self assured? Is it walk 10 minutes and get some exercise. Is it to work on learning a new language or stick to your new meditation schedule? What ever it is, talk yourself into it and set the positive energy moving in the right direction for the day. Make it happen everyday and before you know it, you’re making positive and significant strides in your own life.

When others feel lost they will look to you for clues or inspiration. They’ll wonder how you developed the courage to stand up and be proud of yourself, comfortable with who you are and confident in what you do. And if they find the daring to ask you how you did it, tell them it all starts with loving yourself, accepting who you are and working to change those things you want to improve. Because if you don’t love and accept yourself, how are others going to see the greatness that resides within you?

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