Archive | March 23, 2015

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Three of Wands

The Steampunk Tarot by Aly Fell - Three of Wands

The Steampunk Tarot by Aly Fell

Take advantage of the tools that exist around you and discover the hidden information. What you’re looking for will bring the assets needed to resolve circumstances and win the battle. Be patient, but be diligent in reviewing and revising your plan as needed. Everything is moving and changing, but being in flux is a good thing right now. Keep up on the latest intelligence, do the research and you’ll find the light of success is on your side.

Additional Insight:

Remain focused and keep an eye out for deceptions. Shed light on the situations you’re involved in and don’t rush through anything. Look closely at the fine print and make sure you have all the information necessary to get the best deal. Take advantage of all the tools at your disposal, there’s no need to wait to buy something you’re only going to use once or twice.  You’ll be able to configure what you need, when you need it and still be prepared for what may come.

Your strength comes through gathering information and putting the pieces together. Your ship is coming in, but you have to be prepared and ready for the opportunity as it arrives. Don’t get stranded with your cargo and no way to move it to safety. Do your research and discover your options. Dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Continue reading