Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Seven of Swords – Inverted

The Steampunk Tarot by Aly Fell - Seven of Swords:Inverted

The Steampunk Tarot by Aly Fell

Be prepared and ready your shields, someone wants to pick a fight with you today. Don’t allow them to ruin your day or impact your mood. Remember no one defines who you are, but you. Their words are nothing more than cries for help from a place of sorrow and sadness. Turn the tables and throw some compassion into their dark world and you could be the one making an impact with kindness in someone’s life.

Additional Insight:

Not everyone who’s watching you is on your side. Don’t dwell on those lurking in the shadows, you’ll only feed the energy they’re looking to take from you. Simply set some strong shields of protection and go about your day. You might get through your tasks and chores without conflict of any kind. Stick to your list of things to do and focus on you.

If someone does find the guts to confront you, don’t allow their negativity to alter your energy or mood. Let your shields bounce their anger and jealousy off your shield and back into their darkness. You’re not responsible for their actions and choices.

If you’ve said things to them in the past that you regret, use this opportunity to apologize and take responsibility for your words. What we say, think and do all have energy and consequences. And while we may not be responsible for their negative self talk or thinking, we could have contributed to it from our past actions.

However keep in mind that energy is mutable and can be altered. So change what you put out and attempt to make amends. Show some compassion and kindness while being accountable for your actions. Secure the swords of war for those events that really need them. Attempt to share some of the Divine Light you have learned about to bring peace into the gloom.  

You can walk away from the day knowing you have attempted to put into practice all those happy, positive, fluffy spiritual values you’ve learned so far. If you can change yourself, other people can change too. But sometimes it takes someone to make a brave gesture and hold out a hand in friendship and compassion. You can be that person today.

Above all else, don’t take the bait and start a fight. The cards are not in your favor of winning the battle and you could start a war you don’t want to get into. You know who you are and what changes in your life you’re trying hard to make. You know where your wounds are healing and where the old scars lay hidden. Don’t fall back on old patterns and allow them to be scratched open and start your progress of healing all over again. It’s not worth it and you don’t need to lose all that you’ve gained. 

You can be the one who says “I’m sorry for what I said and did in the past. I was an unhappy person who blamed the world for my trials. I’ve changed and I’m trying to turn things around. Please accept my apology for the harm I threw in your direction”.  It’s that easy. And anyone can do it. Your words may not be accept, but that’s their karma. You can alter yours by making the effort to show compassion, accountability and walking your talk.

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