Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Ten of Cups – Inverted

Ten of Cups - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Focus on the successes you’ve achieved, not on the failures you’ve endured. No one gets it right all the time and you’re not perfect! Learn from the situations that didn’t work out your way. Do the research to understand what happened and discover better solutions. Heal the wounds, show compassion to yourself and apply the knowledge you gained to the next attempt to achieve your dreams. Never give up and always “try” again!

Additional Insight:

Stop being so hard on yourself! You’re holding yourself up to a standard that no one can achieve and then beating yourself up because you didn’t get as far as you intended. No one is going to be perfect and get right every time. Not even you.

Those who have succeeded and reached the pinnacle have endured more failures than successes. But they didn’t dwell on what didn’t work. They learned from them. The recognized where their mistakes were and what they could fix. But they didn’t focus on the issues they couldn’t control and blame themselves for not seeing it coming, or not being aware, or not controlling the issue. They let it go and quickly moved on to the next plan. 

Instead of looking at how short you fell from the goal line, look at how far you came across the entire field. Let the effort to getting this far give you the energy to continue and give you the courage to make another try at reaching your goal. You can’t grab the brass ring if you don’t make a few small adjustments and make the reach again.

So what if that last method didn’t work all the way. That’s no reason to abandon the progress you’ve made and start over from the beginning. It is what it is, and it took you as far as it could. That’s great! It was a wonderful effort and awesome attempt. You’ve come a long way! Now you need to do a little research, a little tweaking and put your effort into a new process that will take you the rest of the way and achieve the end result.

Even the best laid plan needs adjustments along the way. And there’s a big difference between making small changes and giving up or settling for less. Be open to change, but don’t give up on the journey. Take a little breather, clear your head of the old and get ready to focus on the new and yet to be discovered.

The adventure is still in front of you. And there’s still much to be done. Today is the beginning of the next chapter in your plan. Don’t throw out what you’ve already done. Review it, update it with what you know now. Make a slight adjustment here, a tweak there and you’ll be able to see the bigger picture. Write a good intro and you’ll be able to form the next steps in the right direction to make the final push!

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