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The IMM Counseling Psychology Association

Last year the International Metaphysical Ministry (IMM) began working on the foundation of a new organization to provide counseling guidelines, expanded and up-to-the-minute continuing education to IMM Ministerial graduates. This information can be enormously helpful to the professional coach or counselor as well as to someone seeking spiritual/metaphysical assistance. Counseling services are something all Ministers in all religions provide.

The IMM’s Counseling Psychology Association officially kicked off its organization and services January 1st, 2015 for IMM Ministers and it’s University system graduates.

The Association is a professional and educational organization that is dedicated to the growth and enhancement of the spiritual counseling profession. As the majority of IMM graduates engage in some form of coaching and counseling or are planning careers to do the same in the future, these guidelines help to provide a professional framework for operation and the accessibility to continue learning and sharing with other members,

We are proud to announce the certification of Spring (Dr. Vickie Carey) in this new Association and looks forward to the expanded learning, sharing of ideas, concepts and information with other members and with you.

Spring has provided spiritual counseling services since acquiring her Doctorate of Philosophy, a Ph.D. specializing in Pastoral Counseling Psychology in 2009. Providing a variety of counseling services from individual, relationship and family counseling to victim support in domestic violence and sexual assault recovery and survival.

Counseling Psychology Association Certification

Counseling Psychology Association Certification

We will be providing more information and links to the Association’s website as they become available.

Spiritual Psychology
Spiritual Psychology, seeks to understand the three layers of the human being. The person we display to the world, the person we see our self as, and the person we really are within our spiritual existence. It views a person as a whole being in Mind, Body and Spirit. This process of understanding helps an individual gain insight into the trials we feel that have moved us away from our spiritual path, created karma, and consequently caused us to feel separated from the Divine force within our life and our own Higher Self.

Through spiritual work and therapy, we can let go of these pains and fears to gain understanding about the lessons our soul seeks to acquire and to see ourselves in a new light. To bring about a holistic healing that empowers the individual to take charge of their own life and create a joyful life experience in a positive healthy way. You can read more on Spring’s Haven : What Is Spiritual Psychology.

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