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The Full Moon In The Southern Hemisphere

"Merlin In The Moon" by Springwolf 🐾

“Merlin In The Moon” by Springwolf 🐾

What Is The Name Of The Moon

As with all things in the world, where you are located will dictate how you associate this to that. Meaning and names of objects like the Moon vary around the world. Cultures assign names to each full moon based on their traditions, climate, animals, crops and how they view the world around them. There isn’t one complete list of this to that anywhere or for anything. There are many.

When it comes to Full Moon names, you can’t simply take a set of names from the North, reverse them and apply them to the South. This assumes we all look at things the same way through the same eyes. Imagine a Native American from the Cherokee Nation applying their moon names to the Aboriginal moon phases in Australia. It probably wouldn’t make sense to the folks who live down under.

But because Europeans settled in both the North and South, many of the moon names traveled with them to new lands and continents. In many ways this does a dis-service to the original peoples of the land in question and the names they came to know and associate with the Moon phases. Like the Tribal Nations in America, each group has its own language. The most common reference for the moon is Alkina and it’s associated with female energy. But try to find which Aboriginal Nation uses that word. I didn’t have any luck at all. Many words for the moon in other nations associate the moon with masculine energy. And that’s just Australia.

The Maori are the first people of New Zealand. They brought their Polynesian Mythology and the name of Moon with them to the land of the Kiwis. Here the Moon gets her name from the Goddess Marama, who governs the Moon and Death.

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News Release – Counseling Psychology Association

Healing Through Compassion & Affirmation

Caring and Compassion

The IMM Counseling Psychology Association

Last year the International Metaphysical Ministry (IMM) began working on the foundation of a new organization to provide counseling guidelines, expanded and up-to-the-minute continuing education to IMM Ministerial graduates. This information can be enormously helpful to the professional coach or counselor as well as to someone seeking spiritual/metaphysical assistance. Counseling services are something all Ministers in all religions provide.

The IMM’s Counseling Psychology Association officially kicked off its organization and services January 1st, 2015 for IMM Ministers and it’s University system graduates.

The Association is a professional and educational organization that is dedicated to the growth and enhancement of the spiritual counseling profession. As the majority of IMM graduates engage in some form of coaching and counseling or are planning careers to do the same in the future, these guidelines help to provide a professional framework for operation and the accessibility to continue learning and sharing with other members,

We are proud to announce the certification of Spring (Dr. Vickie Carey) in this new Association and looks forward to the expanded learning, sharing of ideas, concepts and information with other members and with you. Continue reading

Be Cautious Of Social Media Connections

Be The Alpha LeaderGuilt By Association

A couple of years ago I read an article about being careful who you “Like” on social media sites if you’re a small business. It’s unfortunate that “guilt by association” is something we must be cautious of in a spiritual community, but sometimes it’s even more important in our world.

We make our way in our spiritual practice or business based on our reputation and through word of mouth. Here our reputation is everything! Few things can damage your reputation as quickly as a link to an unsavory person or their business.

Because of this article, I am very cautious about accepting invitations online. Unless I have time to do some research or already know and trust the person, I don’t accept the connection. Whether it’s on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other social media source. It’s not something I do out of arrogance or disdain. But it is done for purely selfish reason; to ensure my reputation is always within my control.

Today a friend who has a small spiritual candle business in the north-west contacted me asking for prayers because of this very issue. She makes the most amazing scented candles with an emphasis on aroma therapy. She uses her own energy to connect with the Divine in her life as she creates the wax and pours the candles. She includes an incantation as she pours the wax to infuse each candle with a specific energy. It’s truly a special gift and talent. (At this time I’m going to keep her name and her candle business out of this article as she wants this story to be shared, but wants to be anonymous).  Continue reading