Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: King of Cups – Inverted

King of Cups Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Don’t get trapped in your limitations. You’ve learned a great deal, come a long way and understand more about what’s going on than you’re willing to admit. Stop thinking you can’t achieve your ultimate goals or dreams. There are enough people holding you back already. You don’t need to do that to yourself and remain in muck or mud spinning your wheels backward. Let go and be free; even if it means accepting change.

Additional Insight:

Too often we limit our own thoughts and energy through our self-doubt and negative thinking. We fear moving forward because we don’t know what’s coming, what it will be like, or we imagine the struggles of change that often never materialize. Or they’re not nearly as hard as we thought they’d be!

Stop the fear mongering! Stop listening to the fake limitations set by the world around you. Whither it comes from those in your family, friends or people you know, or from society itself, they don’t know YOU or what your spiritual path is to be. Only you know that, deep down within your soul!

Don’t be afraid to take time to look at what’s really going on. Go within and look at your spiritual blue print. What choices do you have to make? Which direction do you need to go in order to work on your personal mission and live in joy and happiness. Where will your passion manifest in your work and become the career of a lifetime? No one can tell you these things. And those that think they can, you might want to be wary of. No one knows YOU better than YOU! It’s your life, and it’s time you took responsibility for where it’s leading.

Align yourself with the Divine force in your life. Connect with your own internal divine presence and allow yourself to see what you’ve been afraid to look at. Where you ‘want’ to be, may not be what’s needed to get you to where you need to be. If you can’t go with the flow, the Universe will find a way to gently push you in the right direction. That could mean losing a job or a home. It could mean moving to another place for a short time that turns into a wonderful opportunity of a lifetime.

Let your connection with the Divine in your life carry you effortlessly and joyfully into a new adventure that will bring love and peace into your life. Along with the great satisfaction of fulfillment. You may just find that where you need to be is exactly where you really wanted to be, but were afraid to believe you could achieve that lofty and unbelievable goal. Let go of the fear and allow yourself to fly high and reach for the stars. You deserve to be up there, no matter what anyone else thinks!

Additional reading:

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