Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Strength –



Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Strength of the soul doesn’t come from yelling at the top of your lungs so you can be heard over others. It comes in the everyday moments when you smile at a stranger, show compassion to your enemies and care for those you love. Instead of trying to fight those who would put you down, try living up to your beliefs and show them compassion and kindness. You may actually prove your point much better, by showing the silent strength of your soul, than trying to brandish your sword and battle cry.

Additional Insight:

Being a spiritual being isn’t measured by who yells the loudest or who degrades other beliefs the most. It comes from living your life in the every day actions according to what you believe.

What you express to others is what you will receive back.If you are constantly putting down the major religions in order to make yours seem superior or more historically accurate, aren’t you doing the same thing they’re doing? If you want respect for your beliefs, you must first give respect to others and their beliefs.

Others may go out of their way to degrade your views, hate what you believe or even denounce you because you don’t believe as they do. Consider their own belief system and ask them when did their God give them the authority to pass judgement on you? There’s no reason to argue about it. You’re not going to change their minds. And if you’re steadfast in your beliefs, they’re not going to change yours.

Instead of trying to argue who is right or who is better, try to share some facts about their misconceptions and look for the things you do agree on. We are much more alike than we are different. We all share a desire for peace and happiness. We all desire a place where life is safe and not filled with wars or battles over religious intolerance. We all desire a life of caring and compassion for our neighbors and hope they do the same for us. Where communities come together not only in times of tragedy or necessity, but in all the times of the year.

The true measure of living a spiritual life is putting into practice the things you believe, not only in the crowd of others who share your views, but amongst those who don’t believe as you do. The measure of a person isn’t in the battles they fought and won. It’s in the peaceful walk they made through life amongst their fellow spirits.

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